Today technology has handed customers unprecedented power to dictate the rules in purchasing goods and services. Customers are digitally savvy, well-informed, more demanding and come with very low to almost zero tolerance levels. Products and services need to be well-researched, competitive, personalised, flawless and delivered in real-time. They should resolve pain points across the value chain and make world a happier place for the customer. Customers need to be treated as unique and that’s what they want!

Achieving sustainable business growth in such an environment is difficult as the service providers are left with very little scope for error and need to create an experience that the customers would not want to miss. Banks need to understand the unique personas of customers and cater to these personas to be able to survive market shifts without having to replace their legacy systems. How do you acquire that extra advantage over the competition by building over the core and renewing it to cater to the changing market? Find out on 17th May 2017, 2 PM at Banking Growth Forum – Chicago, IL.

Amit Dua, President and Global Head – Client Facing Group, SunTec Business Solutions spoke about how you can innovate and personalise your customers’ experiences without replacing core legacy systems!

Banking Growth Forum 2017

Wednesday 17 May 2017

Venue: Chicago