Thought Leadership Event – Thailand 2017

Today’s digital customers expect simpler and more seamless experience. Banks all over the world, including Thailand are re-imagining the core customer journeys from prospecting to negotiation to onboarding and finally to fulfillment. This can be done by complete digitalization in the way banks operate – including all processes as well as the internal culture. A system of engagement is the need of the hour which can bridge the gap between the system of records (core banking) and system of interaction (front-end channels). This allows banks to abstract the data and cull insights out of them enabling them to provide more precise offers to their customers thereby increasing trust and stickiness.

Xelerate has enabled this in many banks all over the world. We are organizing an invite only event for your benefit – you can meet your peers at the event and listen to other banks who have already used Xelerate for their digitalization efforts. You will also get the chance to meet industry influencers who can tell you how other geographies have adapted to the digital revolution and how other industries have reacted to it. At this point in the game where concepts like open banking has become a reality, you need to look towards building a partner community and become the true customer owner.

Find out how on Thursday, 10th August 2017 at the St. Regis, Bangkok.

Time: 8:30 am – 12 pm

Agenda to be updated shortly.


Thought Leadership Event – Thailand 2017

Thursday 27 Jul 2017