The world is moving towards an age where customers prefer service providers who can provide them with an “end-to-end package” of solutions “in real-time” and “simplify” day-to-day life. Technology has handed customers the unprecedented power to dictate the rules in purchasing goods and services.

To survive in this rapid pace, service providers need to observe, understand and analyze the customer journey right from onboarding to service termination. It becomes imperative that service providers align their business goals and redesign functions to create value in a customer centric manner. They are compelled to rethink their strategies and move towards a converged business model, towards holistic value chain management in order to exceed the expectations of the customers.

A well-orchestrated experience across the end-to-end value chain of the customer, by eliminating silos across information pockets is the need of the hour. Organizations need to bring in agility in their processes and respond to the fast-changing requirements of the new-age customer in real-time. Information across various customer touch-points should be captured and leveraged in pre-empting customer behavior and preferences that can aid in proactively creating, both tangible and intangible, value for the customer at every point of the customer journey. Service providers need to go much beyond delivering omnichannel experiences across various touch points to personalizing these experiences to be overwhelming and compel the customers to be loyal in the relationship.

Sathish N, SVP – Product Management, SunTec Business Solutions spoke about how you can exceed customer expectations in the age of rapid digital transformation and changing market dynamics.

Banking Vietnam

Thursday 18 May 2017

Venue: Vietnam