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Design your business around customer relationships to generate maximum value

Investment service providers looking to build new-age businesses must focus on customer engagement and retention. The challenges: information silos, rapid innovation needs, increased competition, and rising consumer expectations. Xelerate® helps you counter them, by making it possible to create, deliver, and monitor the flow of value to customers, across interactions.

From gauging dynamic customer segment needs, to serving them with the right products at the right time, you can do it all in minutes. Introduce new products. Create innovative offers and bundles. Manage customer interactions across channels. Swiftly and efficiently. Superior engagement, orchestrated across touch points.

Navigate volatile markets, with preparedness and presence

The best tool you have to manage the market’s ebb and flow, is data. Risk reduction. Identification and control of cost inefficiencies. Accurate product design. Greater compliance. All this is possible when you harness stories hidden in the data available across your enterprise. Use Xelerate® to meet this goal.

Access and analyse customer, product, and transaction data, from multiple sources. In real-time. Know your top performing products and profitable customers; track customer commitments. Analyse planned versus actual outcomes through interactive and drilled-down views. Make market responsiveness real.

Control cost and operational complexity, by embracing digital disruption

Digitalization of financial services – the trend is here to stay. Brokers, dealers, fund managers, and even clearing and custody services recognise that digital capabilities strengthen their competitiveness. Xelerate® brings you this benefit. Without disrupting your existing technology landscape.

You can manage customers, products, pricing, and revenue with a single product suite. Improve financial performance by tracking events and transactions. Address complex fund structures, intermediary hierarchies, and multi-level investor account structures. Reduce operational costs. Improve efficiency. Embrace new-age technology to build a new-age business.

Create well researched products to meet customer needs

Investment houses and fund managers need reliable data analysis to act decisively and respond to market requirements. The first step here – tap into the data available within the organisation. And make it work. Be it to understand customers or upgrade services.

Xelerate® brings such advanced abilities. A centralised database of all products, showcases their histories and current status. Analytics derive valuable business stories from customer data. Apply them. Design value based solutions and bundles that meet the challenges customers express. Data driven decisions, made effectively.

Pre-empt product failures through incisive simulations

Investment services always need to grapple with risk. Some of which is aggravated by market volatility, and challenging economic, political, and regulatory conditions. In such a scenario, wouldn’t it be useful to see how products would fare in the real world, before they are launched?

Xelerate®’s got you covered. Its powerful simulation capabilities give you a realistic picture of the product’s performance after launch, along with profitability indications. Use this to reduce instances of product/ bundling failure. Prevent losses. Smart decisions are now easier to make.

Beat competition, by claiming market presence faster

With the digital wave gaining momentum, the number of related parameters fund houses have to consider before launching a product or service, has exploded. But, agility is imperative. Thus, to create an impactful experience and retain customers, financial institutions not only have to claim market share faster, but make it relevant too.

Xelerate® can make this real. It comes with flexible business rules, augmented by user-definable parameters. This ensures quick launch of new products, and seamless adapts to varied business models. Its end-to-end fees and commission calculation, and revenue apportionment features for hedge funds, mutual funds, and other complex securities are market smart. Launch new products faster. Design them right.

Usher in the benefits of the new digital era

The success of investment banks is related to their ability to introduce new asset classes and trading strategies, and measure risk with greater speed and sophistication. Technology has a big role in making this happen. But, managing legacy systems while responding to new regulatory requirements and a new digital era, is an uphill task.

Xelerate® offers a smooth transition. A technology agnostic, flexible platform makes it easy for our product suite to work with your legacy systems. You can now respond quickly to value chain disruption and new channel opportunities, preventing leakages across the chain. Design your business to keep up with the times, reduce your operational costs. Also, you’ll be more compliant with ever evolving regulatory needs.

Strengthen your business performance, with reduced effort

The impact of financial services is driven by how resilient they are, in the face of market shifts and regulatory reforms. This resilience reflects in market share, mind share and wallet share of customers. What helps achieve that? Product or service lines that are focused on offering value to dynamic customers.

Xelerate® is built to meet this need. Its automated platform reduces operational challenges weight by centralising product catalogues. Enabling a 360-degree view of the customer as well as the product lines, Xelerate® allows you to monitor how they fit or perform together. As it co-exists with policy, pricing, and billing systems, you can create products on the fly, based on context and customer preferences. Business performance, strengthened.

Gain more tools to strengthen customer retention

Customers of banks and investment houses are seeking simple products and trading services. They are also increasingly demanding higher quality service and lower fees. The key driver of your success amongst all this – premium risk management capabilities. Using it to delivering superior customer experience will underpin your bank’s success.

Xelerate® can be the game changer here. Retain existing customers by understanding each individual relationship. Develop sharp insight into their transactions. Xelerate®’s customer retention capabilities take into account customer interactions across all products and services, using real-time data analytics to monitor usage trends. So, you can accurately segment customers and share value based personalised reward schemes. Lifetime value, strengthened.

Understand client-product interaction, create winning offers

The ultimate beneficiary of all investment services – customers, across segments, markets, and needs. Sustained competitive advantage lies in focusing on profitable customer segments. Developing a targeted set of offerings can help your enterprise allocate capital to business lines that generate better return on investment.

Xelerate® is well poised to help you do that. It provides an advanced insight-driven modelling and forecasting solution. Study the impact of various pricing and billing parameters on the revenue, cost, and margin of your organisation. Gain greater understanding of customer sensitivities, in real-time. End result: formulate best-fit offers for mutual value.

Maintain business across geographies, with insight and ease

Moving into international markets is a strategic decision that not only builds a bank’s identity, but also allows for finding better suited collaborators. It will help satisfy the bottom line, but only if stringent regulations are met. Thus, tailoring services to global markets across geographies, will serve as a differentiator.

Xelerate® is here to enhance your value proposition. A holistic value management product with multi-entity, multi-currency, multi-lingual, and multi-time zone features, it serves global investment managers and fund distributors. Addressing complex challenges, it helps financial institutions reduce operational costs by supporting complex fund structures, intermediary hierarchies, and multi-level investor account structures. Managing a global business is now easy.

A holistic approach to your organisation’s growth

It is not just any one factor that contributes to an investment services organisation’s growth. Rather, it is a combination of the factors listed above with a clear goal of simplifying processes, technology, and internal structures. End result: reduced costs and increased revenue.

Xelerate®’s multi-capability features enable you to touch all these critical areas. Be it innovative pricing and billing, mining valuable market data, monitoring the performance of products, and even enhancing the performance of legacy systems – our product suite has it all covered. Your business awaits the effectiveness Xelerate® brings.

Transform your IT landscape to uncover growth

The recent era of cost-cutting and using traditional approaches, has reached the point of diminishing returns. Many established firms still carry the burden of complex, often inflexible operating and technology platforms that make market agility difficult.

But, Xelerate® can bridge the old and new technology waves. It works seamlessly with legacy systems, ensuring minimum disruption to your existing processes. Scalable, it supports your expansion plans, and provides a uniform experience across all customer touch points. New fund structures, new clients, new business geographies – add them effortlessly. For Xelerate® is smart technology that drives growth.

Lean into more market data

Risk and regulatory requirements have become more complex, and more transactions are automated today. Thus, market data has become increasingly crucial for investment banks, impacting multiple aspects of their business. Managing this data requires the same level of efficiency and governance as other areas.

To gain more insight into the data flow, Xelerate® brings to you the latest architectural techniques. Gain consistent access to data across the spectrum of enterprise systems. Let Xelerate® analyse it for you, with smart dashboards and predictive/ reflective capabilities. This, coupled with a 360-degree view of products and the customer, makes innovation and compliance increasingly simple for your business.

Orchestrate market responsiveness, without a massive IT overhaul

Legacy infrastructure often brings disparate products and siloed systems, which prevents investment houses from getting a holistic view of the customer. They also make introduction of new products and services time consuming. Thus, affecting market responsiveness and customer service.

Xelerate® lets you overcome these challenges, without re-engineering your existing IT landscape. It works comfortably with legacy systems, adding a customer-centric middle layer between core banking components and customer channels. So, you get the capabilities to assess customer and market needs quickly, and respond with precision. Just by adding Xelerate®, you can own the entire value ecosystem.

Get a taste of customer retention, the digital way

The digital era brings with it multiple possibilities of acquiring customers. And numerous means of serving and retaining them. Intelligent data analytics is one of the key drivers of this process. It’s strategic, timely, and a competitive edge.

That is why Xelerate®’s predictive and reflective data analytics capabilities are a good fit here. They provide a comprehensive dashboard, capable of consolidating data from multiple channels. You can access customer insights in real-time. Track, consolidate and categorize customer behaviour. Obtain analysis of historical data, trends, and planned-versus-actual outcomes. Effortless retention can now be real.

Orchestrate customer experience across touchpoints

Fast scaling enterprises rely on customer relationships all the more, to ensure their growth is exponential. Particularly when there are demands for transparency, and best fit deals. Also continuous engagement of the customer is necessary, by equipping the front-line staff to make every interaction a high-quality experience.

Xelerate® helps here. It brings together data about customers scattered across the organisation, as it spreads across all virtual and physical touch points. So your teams can get a single, consistent view of the customer truth. Rely on it to create the right product bundles. Deliver apt offers through relevant channels. Orchestrate a seamless value experience across channels.

Increase market presence by undoing silos

What happens when teams, across departments, systematically access product information? They can better understand product traits. Identify cross-selling opportunities. Guide a client’s investment strategy. Thus, find better opportunities for discussion and greater chances of securing trades.

Xelerate® can support here. Its automated, centralised capabilities undo product information silos. Thus integrating data flowing through the enterprise, into one master database. This can be accessed by staff across departments. With a single view of such essential data, product and price variations can be created or managed without duplication. Information can be swiftly shared with customers. Potential effect: increased market presence and wallet share.

By using SunTec’s product Xelerate®, we were able to bring about a good level of transparency both internally as well as externally. We were able to better understand the prices we apply to our customers and in turn customers were able to better understand what we were offering. Through a single database, we are able to react faster to a customer resulting in better customer satisfaction. Overall, we have had a very good and interesting experience working with SunTec.

Ms. Marion Kleiss
Senior Product Manager – MSB -FI, Commerzbank

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