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Achieve Faster Time-to- market

Delay in launching new services results in revenue loss and customer churn

products with Xelerate in a year compared to 20 before

The customers of the everything now generation demand quick and efficient services – real- time and personalised. Today’s digital natives will opt to use Skype rather than fixed or mobile voice, WhatsApp rather than SMS, GMail rather than Outlook. Delays in launching such services or offers will lead to revenue loss and almost immediate customer churn. Users will migrate to the communications service provider (CSP) providing the broadest, best-priced and the most reliable range of services.

The existing legacy systems of the CSPs’ infrastructure are built for traditional services like voice, text and data with limited scope for changes and addition of services. Inflexibility of those legacy systems leads to significant delays in responding to aggressive competition leading to major impact on the continuous growth in EBITDA of the service provider.

An integrated revenue and customer management solution helps reduce time-to-market for CSPs

Xelerate is built on an industry-agnostic platform, which can support the business models and pricing requirements of any industry. This enables CSPs to launch new services quickly in partnership with different industries like automotive, healthcare, energy, logistics and others.

Xelerate Digital Services provides CSPs with a highly flexible and economically scalable revenue management solution, which can integrate easily with their existing legacy infrastructure and new partner systems through a standard set of APIs, requiring minimal modifications to existing legacy systems.

Xelerate Digital Services provides a product manager portal, which helps reduce the concept to revenue time of a product or an offer by streamlining the business approval processes. It enables CSPs to respond faster to the end-user consumption patterns while making more accurate service pricing decisions to deliver an enhanced connected digital lifestyle. Xelerate Digital Services also enables:

Easy configuration of complex pricing methodologies
Revenue sharing agreements with multiple partners
Context-based charging for any service
Faster pricing decisions with what-if analysis
Case study

The 2nd Largest Content Provider in India


Practical approach to become agile

Please contact SunTec to find out how Xelerate Digital Services can help you achieve faster time-to-market for the newer digital services.