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Enable Customer Centricity without Risky Transformations

Say farewell to risky and lengthy transformation projects while reaping immediate benefits & over 3 times the ROI

breakeven for the largest bank in South East Asia

Banks today are spending millions of dollars in core banking transformation initiatives in order to gain agility, cost-effectiveness, flexibility and scalability needed to provide a foundation for future growth and to meet modern- day customer expectations. Most of these transformation efforts end up being a technological refresh of the legacy infrastructure rather than being transformational in nature.

Given the scale, cost, duration and risk involved in these transformation initiatives, it is imperative that banks formulate and drive these initiatives with the focus on the end-goal of an agile and flexible IT infrastructure that enhances customer experience.

Xelerate enables a risk-managed transformation led by customer centricity

Banks require technology infrastructure that empowers them to substantially improve customer experience and improve operational efficiency while processing high volume transactions across multiple channels, all seamlessly, in real-time.

Based on a highly flexible and scalable Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), SunTec’s product suite provides an ideal alternative to core banking transformation by interfacing with legacy systems to analyse transaction and customer relationship data in real time to provide analytical and holistic customer insight. These insights facilitate the orchestration of contextual offers and service requests to customers in real time, helping banks reduce operational costs and get better returns on their prior technology investments.

In scenarios where banks choose to initiate core banking transformation, SunTec’s solution can provide a differentiation layer to decouple the fast-changing customer facing layer from the efficiency-centric core banking layer. This helps banks mitigate the disruptions due to changes in any layer and maximise the advantages of transformation through quick launch of personalised offers in real time, at a fraction of cost.

Xelerate helps banks drive core banking transformation in a way that maximizes benefits and reduces risk by providing:

A central master for all customer relationship data
Better time-to-market when building new offers
Regular re- pricing based on customer contract and activities
Upfront benefits without the risk
Reduced disruptions with isolation solution layer

Please contact SunTec for more information on enabling revenue management using SOA across legacy core banking systems to support customer centricity.