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Provide Real-time Intelligence

Transform wealth of customer data residing with you to valuable information

reduction in OpEx for one of the largest brokerage firms in the US

Banks are operating in an increasingly regulated environment after the financial crisis. In Europe, banks are increasingly facing the brunt of Basel III and SEPA regulations while in USA it is Dodd Frank and Anti Money Laundering. Retail banks are regulated by consumer protection regulations like CFPB and RDR. Apart from regulatory compliance, banks also have to cope with internal controls and risk management procedures.

Customer preferences too are evolving. They make decisions in real time and expect to be served in real time. These changing market and customer dynamics require business operations that allow managers to exercise better situational-awareness, make faster and more informed decisions and adopt highly flexible processes.

Intelligent business operations support modern day compliance and enhance customer experience

Banks have a wealth of customer data and transaction data. However, they are unable to derive any benefits from these in real time, given the restrictions of their current systems. Coherent, real-time and operationally-enabled intelligence from the data will allow banks to serve their customers better while improving their risk management.

A real-time view of all customer data and transactions improves compliance, business assurance and risk management. Supported by relevant business processes and workflow, it provides a single view of the customer which enables price modeling for price optimisation and increases customer loyalty.

SunTec’s revenue management and business assurance product suite sits on top of existing legacy systems to extract all relevant customer and transaction data to deliver a real-time view of customers, transactions, operations and business processes. This facilitates engaged decision making at all levels in organisation, enabling banks to be more agile, transparent and customer-focused in everything they do.

Through real time decision making and operationalising those decisions, banks have the following benefits:

More efficient targeting through holistic customer view across segments
Higher revenue generation through cross-sell and up-sell
Provision of better customer service by real-time service orchestration
Improvement in customer loyalty due to personalization and better service

A leading bank in the Middle East discusses experience with SunTec

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