Xelerate® helps increase customer loyalty and enables greater share of wallet through the loyalty function

Xelerate®’s loyalty function enables organisations to reward and retain existing customers by understanding each individual relationship and the value perception of each transaction. Regardless of the complexity of the product bundling, the Loyalty platform ensures that the redemption process is simple enough for the customers to benefit from the best rewards, as and when they see fit.

Xelerate®’s loyalty function improves the impact of loyalty programs, retaining valued customers and driving customer-centric programs to offer users something beyond their current deal, facilitating a complete customer experience.

Enable holistic customer relationship

Xelerate® allows you to take into account the complete customer relationship while creating a loyalty program. This data is measured across all products and services, using real-time data analytics to monitor usage trends.

Segment your customers accurately and manage customised reward schemes for individual high value customers. The product is fully customisable according to the customer’s usage pattern and attributes. Different sets of business parameters may be used to decide the nature and extent of rewards, including customer segment, customer region, customer age, account age, account usage, invoice value from customer and balances of customer

Easily integrated with your core systems

Xelerate®’s loyalty function is flexible and easily integrated with multiple customer channels, including branches, websites, tablet devices and mobile devices. The transaction processing engine can be scaled up to handle billions of transactions as well as surges in customer volume or product offerings.

The loyalty platform has a service- orientated architecture (SOA) that allows for seamless integration with existing legacy systems reducing time from construction to launch of loyalty schemes.

Increase the average revenue per customer

With Xelerate®, you can pre-empt what your customer actually needs and model your loyalty programs for maximum impact. The actual offer can be across platforms some of which may be part of your partner ecosystem

Provide your customers with a hassle-free end-to-end loyalty program. Reduce cost overruns through pre-campaign cost-benefit analysis and plug revenue leakage by real-time tracking of the program. This way, your loyalty programs can impact both top and bottom lines directly

Trusted by the best companies

Mashreq Bank has had a very long and enduring relationship with SunTec. When we wanted to have a customer loyalty programme for our customers, we could not find a very simple solution or system to interact with all banking channels and get a 360 degree view of the customer. This is where SunTec stepped in with a pricing solution that allowed us to interact with all our banking channels and reward our customers for simply banking with us. This loyalty programme is one of the most successful programmes in the region and has worked very well for us in terms of revenue as well as increasing customer engagement and loyalty. The SunTec product roadmap is aligned to what Mahsreq Bank wants to do going forward and I’m confident this will empower the bank to have more productive, accurate and targeted campaigns towards our customers

Mr. Thasherif Sait
Vice President, Customer Loyalty, Mashreq Bank

See how Xelerate® can help you retain customers

With the help of our loyalty function, a leading UAE bank achieved 7% rise in credit card spend and rewards points within 18 months of implementation. This was coupled with a 12% increase in cross-sell opportunities.