Cape Town, 11 November , 2014: SunTec, a leading provider of revenue management and business assurance solutions, has unveiled an advanced monetisation product that enables mobile operators to provide customers with highly personalised LTE offerings, enriched with third party services and content..

SunTec’s next-generation LTE Monetisation Solution makes it straightforward for mobile operators to create sophisticated LTE propositions tailored to individual customers’ requirements. The solution enables a mobile operator to move away from generic public LTE tariff plans, that can easily replicated by competitors, towards private customised service plans that are specific to each customer. In both the enterprise and consumer markets, these highly-tailored offerings will reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value.

“Across the world, LTE operators are in danger of slipping into a debilitating price war in which the playbook is to simply offer customers higher speeds and greater volumes for lower prices,” said Nanda Kumar, President and CEO of SunTec Business Solutions. “We are enabling operators to avoid this commoditisation trap by offering customers LTE service and content packages that precisely meet their requirements.”

Built on SunTec’s very successful Xelerate Digital Services product, which enables real-time charging and policy management, the new LTE Monetisation Solution supports partner management and settlement and a centralised product catalog, together with a complete customer view and analysis of customer behavior.  It can be used to manage and monetise all services (including voice, data, VoLTE, VoD, WiFi, mobile payments) across all customer segments (prepaid, postpaid, hybrid accounts for both retail and enterprise/B2B customers)

While SunTec’s Xelerate product is already widely used by leading communication service providers to monetise high speed networks and provide customers with a personalised experience, the new LTE Monetisation Solution is designed specifically to support LTE. Based on an standards-based architecture, it enables operators  to begin customizing their LTE offerings out-of-the-box.

The new LTE Monetisation Solution is being showcased to leading service providers of Africa at AfricaCom 2014, 11-13 November.

 For more information, check our product information sheet