Increasing competition and decreasing differentiation forces enterprises to innovate products and offers

Enterprises today are adopting customer centricity. Acquiring customers and orchestrating experience to enhance their lifetime value is number one priority for the enterprises. Due to siloed existence of customer and product information, enterprises are not able to cross-sell or up-sell in a context-aware manner. The lack of centralised product catalogue with historic view leads to creating same or similar products and offers into the market which might have failed in the past.

Pre-integrated product catalogue enables enterprises to manage products in a centralised way

Xelerate®’s product catalogue enables enterprises to manage all business products and offers in a centralized fashion and streamline product management. Service Oriented Architecture enables fast integration with enterprise-wide ecosystem to provide a single, master catalogue. Xelerate®’s product catalogue enables creation of products on the fly based on context and customer preferences, which can be priced and billed without any additional effort.

A centralised product catalogue enables multiple product owners to collaborate & manage product data while simultaneously serving multiple sales & subscription channels with single view of products.


Improve revenue through end-to-end offer orchestration solution

SunTec gives you an end-to-end offer orchestration solution right from offer ideation via real-time customer transaction tracking to offer simulation and testing and allows for offer fulfillment and tracking in real-time. It empowers enterprises with the best business decision making capability by providing historical transaction tracking and alerts.

Coupled with real-time analysis of customer behaviour, best offers can be developed and launched into the market leading to enhanced customer engagement and increased profitability. It also enables the enterprise to discover and define new business opportunities.


Create successful products based on simulation and historical data view

With the availability of historic data and single view, product and price variations can be created and managed without duplication. It supports complex hierarchy view which makes product listings very efficient. Products can also be bundled in an innovative way which suits the customer requirements better. With the

With the re-usability of product and service definitions and flexibility to configure products and packages, the time-to- market reduces to hours thus helping stay relevant and ahead of the competition in the market

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