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Reward high value customers with personalised benefits

Xelerate's Loyalty functionality enables organisations to reward and retain existing customers by understanding each individual relationship and the value perception of each transaction. Regardless of the complexity of the product bundling, the Loyalty platform ensures that the redemption process is simple enough for the customers to benefit from the best rewards, as and when they see fit.

Xelerate's Loyalty functionality improves the impact of loyalty programs, retaining valued customers and driving customer-centric programs to offer users something beyond their current deal, facilitating a complete customer experience.

Maximise the value of customer relationships with customer-centric loyalty programs

Xelerate's Loyalty functionality takes into account the holistic customer relationship across all products and services, using real-time data analytics to monitor usage trends. This allows businesses to accurately segment customers and manage customised reward schemes for individual high value customers.

It is fully customisable according to the customer's usage pattern and attributes. Different sets of business parameters may be used to decide the nature and extent of rewards, including customer segment, customer region, customer age, account age, account usage, invoice value from customer and balances of customer

Xelerate's Loyalty functionality is flexible and easily integrated with multiple customer channels, including branches, websites, tablet devices and mobile devices. The transaction processing engine can be scaled up to handle billions of transactions as well as surges in customer volume or product offerings. The Loyalty platform has a service- orientated architecture (SOA) that allows for seamless integration with existing legacy systems reducing time from construction to launch of loyalty schemes.

With Xelerate's Loyalty program creation and management platform, enterprises can: 

Create loyalty based pricing models

Develop highly customised product bundling

Improve customer retention

Enhance wallet share