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Improve margins with advanced modeling and forecasting

Xelerate's Modeler functionality provides an advanced insight-driven modeling and forecasting solution that allows decision makers to study the impact of various pricing and billing parameters on the revenue, cost and margin of an organisation. It also provides a greater understanding of customer sensitivities, in real time, which is vital for formulating best-fit pricing strategies.

Designed for business users, Xelerate's Modeler functionality makes the pricing process simple and automated to enable an organisation to review and set optimal price plans, forecast revenue and benchmark against competitors’ offers. It also facilitates pricing negotiation based on customer attributes and business scenarios.

Xelerate's Modeler functionality creates a dynamic customer-centric dashboard which, combined with a complete view of product information and workflow, enables multiple 'what if' scenarios in real time to fully optimise pricing strategies. Completely technology-agnostic, Xelerate Modeler functionality has the flexibility to perform data mining across multiple legacy systems, external data sources and formats.

Improve customer retention and drive profitability through real-time data analysis

Xelerate's Modeler functionality helps organisations to increase customer retention and improve margins by providing real time data analysis, with integrated workflow. Relationship-based modeling allows organisations to strike the right balance between customer satisfaction and profitability, even in negotiated pricing deals.

Organisations can experiment with multiple models to calculate optimum product pricing strategies, introduce innovative new products and deliver product bundles to meet the needs of different customer segments. Cost apportionment - Xelerate's Modeler functionality supports different methods such as percentage apportioning, revenue based apportioning and volume based apportioning 

The technology architecture of SunTec Xelerate's Modeler functionality offers features such as:

Automated review and approval of price lists with minimal manual intervention

Workflow management tools for pricing-expiry mechanisms

Powerful customer data interrogation to support customer relationship management strategy

Facility to flag price lists under modeling to restrict usage

Reusable and easy-to-maintain architecture designed for low maintenance

Easy roll-out of new products and service bundles

A robust reporting facility, enabled with configurable and reusable data structures


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