Xelerate – Role Based Portals

Role-based Portals

Leveraging advanced role-based portals to manage multiple stakeholders

Customers, partners and employees all need access to enterprise data in a contextual manner. But as enterprises grow more complex with new systems, interfaces and applications, it becomes increasingly challenging to provide personalised access to IT resources to multiple stakeholders. If the provisioning process is manual and not standardised, employees could spend numerous unproductive hours or days getting access to relevant data resulting in significant inefficiencies.

Transparency, fair deal and personalization are the key aspects of experience orchestration. A winning and proven strategy for modern day organizations is to put the customer at the heart of their business model. It is crucial to equip the front-line staff with customer information in real-time to make every interaction a high- quality experience for the customer, whether they are considering a new service or product, negotiating on a loan pricing, or using a bill payment service.

A role-based approach to employee empowerment and personalized portals

Xelerate, with its business process driven, role-based approach to deliver a combination of transactional, analytical and engagement features, helps organization take a role-based approach to manage all internal, customer-facing and partner-led activities and interactions.

Xelerate’s role-based portals help next generation organizations to implement a role-based policy with automated provisioning to enhance operational efficiency, reduce manual errors and improve business performance.

Xelerate’s portals provide unified access to enterprise information in a personalized fashion. Portals can leverage the access management platform to authenticate and authorize users. Once the user is authenticated and authorized, the portal presents an interface that can be personalized for each user to display the data and applications that user has access to.

Below are the specifics on out-of-the-box portals which come with Xelerate product suite: 

Product Manager Portal: Design, implement, launch and maintain products and associated versions and track product level revenue and profitability

Relationship Manager Portal: Manage prospect negotiation, customer on-boarding, evaluate cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and perform price review, revenue and profitability analysis

Segment Manager Portal: Monitor segment specific revenue and profitability, create, launch and track relevant campaigns to drive product usage in particular segments

Partner Manager Portal: Manage partner contracts, revenue and profit share, launch co-branded products and handle co-branded loyalty rewards.