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Xelerate enables real-time revenue management to maximise profitability and enhance customer centricity

The payment processing industry is driven by partner relationships (both upstream and downstream) and new technologies including payment options such as mobile payments, online currencies and Near Field Communication (NFCs). The result is a payment processing landscape that is increasingly complex, with a large number of payment companies processing a greater quantity of transactions. Regulations and payment standards, such as SEPA requirements from the European Payments Council and PCI DSS compliance, create additional complexities.

The key to maximising value from this network of relationships is to offer the right card products and services to the right customer, at the right price, at the right time and in the most efficient way.

Xelerate Card Services is a Software-as-a-Service revenue management and business assurance solution. It helps financial institutions maximise profitability and enhance customer service with its ability to collate and analyse customer information and transaction data via real-time straight-through processing.

Xelerate enables card service providers to optimise transaction pricing in real time

Xelerate Card Services enables payment service providers to bill member banks and approved non-member banks in multiple countries with sophisticated pricing structures and business process management methodologies.

The product’s advanced modeling capabilities allow payment service providers to work with their member banks to optimise transaction pricing in real-time. It also enables operational intelligence by streamlining and integrating business processes within companies and between business partners in the value chain.

Xelerate card services offers:

Complex revenue share models

Automation of all payment value chain activities

Multi- perspective pricing

End-to-end automation


Revenue Management and Business Assurance

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