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Investment Management

Xelerate enables end-to-end revenue management for Investment Services

The financial crisis has transformed the investment services industry in large and small ways. Waves of mergers and consolidations have been followed by an extended period of conservative behaviour and strict budget constraints. Challenging economic, political and regulatory conditions have dramatically reduced fee income and net interest income in the investment services industry, while increasing capital requirements.

Financial services providers must grapple with a continually changing environment in terms of external customers and counterparties as well as the internal processes that have been at the heart of their long-standing competitive positioning. Today, brokers, dealers, clearing & custody services, and fund managers need comprehensive investment servicing capabilities to run their business effectively. They require sophisticated pricing, revenue sharing and commission calculation functionalities to manage complex fund structures and support various performance fees equalization methods.

Xelerate enables reduced time-to-market for launching new fund structures and products

Xelerate Investment Services is an end-to-end revenue management product with multi-entity, multicurrency, multilingual, and multi- time zone features to serve global investment managers and fund distributors. Designed to address the complex challenges faced by broker-dealers and fund managers, the business process-enabled application helps financial institutions reduce operational costs by supporting complex fund structures, intermediary hierarchies, and multilevel investor account structures.

The product provides end-to-end fees and commission calculation and revenue apportionment featured for hedge funds, mutual funds, and other complex securities and derivatives products across fund distribution and security services lines of business. It comes with flexible business rules, augmented by user-definable parameters, to ensure quick launch of new products and fund structures and seamlessly adapts to varied business models.

Xelerate Investment Services is a state-of-the-art, customer-centric solution for financial institutions. It is a highly parameterised and flexible rules engine for fund definition, thereby enabling reduced time-to-market for launching new fund structures and products with flexible option to calculate custody fees based on security type, security class, net asset value among others as well as calculation of incentives.

Xelerate Investment Services offers:

Incentive calculation based on portfolio performance

Consolidation of client invoices

Optimized multi-country deployment

Seamless integration with a wide range of Web services

Effective asset based pricing


Revenue Management and Business Assurance

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