Enterprise Revenue Monetisation

Enterprise Customer Revenue Management solution

While opportunities for CSPs in Retail markets are diminishing, there is a huge growth potential in the Enterprise segments

CSPs face tough competition from the non-traditional players in retail markets which is damaging their revenues and profitability. At the same time, new growth opportunities are rising for the CSPs from the emerging digital eco-system which includes Cloud Services, M2M and Internet of Things. This is making CSPs look at the enterprise segment in a new light.

Keeping pace with the requirements of enterprise customers and managing their experience successfully is a key opportunity for CSPs. To take full advantage of this opportunity, CSPs must monetise their enterprise services efficiently and smoothly.

SunTec offers an end-to-end revenue management solution to help CSPs monetise its enterprise services

SunTec offers an end-to-end platform which helps CSPs design, offer, orchestrate and monetise all services regardless of delivery technology or customer segment. This allows CSPs to cut through organisational silos and remove any need for employees or customers to use a different system every time a new service is launched into the market.

While every customer requirement is different, SunTec helps CSPs create a personalised, context-aware offering for enterprise customers through its flexible and highly robust platform. Tailored bundling and discounts helps CSPs in increasing ARPU from the enterprise customers through increased loyalty and seamless integration with partner products and services.

Being profitable is equally important in any business scenario. In the digital eco-system new and evolving business models will drive CSPs’ need to adopt newer pricing models to efficiently monetise those services. SunTec helps CSPs to design and implement a wide range of pricing and reward models to drive loyalty and lifetime customer profitability. Some of the key features of SunTec’s Enterprise Revenue Management solution are:

  • End- to-end enterprise monetisation solution
  • Centralised product catalogue
  • End-to-end partner management
  • Complex hierarchy management
  • Easy integration with existing systems and newer partner systems
  • Automated converged bill


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