Digitalization: Your way forward

Join us at SIBOS ’17, Toronto to find out how we have enabled digitalization at your peers’ organizations.

It is imperative that your bank transforms in this ecosystem.

With customer preferences moving towards complete experiences rather than individual products, your bank needs to enhance the services to cater to the new-age institutional customer. You have to provide digital avenues for your customers – be it retail, corporate or even other banks. At the same time you need to figure out ways to overcome challenges posed by a siloed architecture that make delivering the best customer experience more difficult.

What are we up to this SIBOS?

Digital Revolution through Open Banking

Speaker: Amit Dua, President and Global Head – Client Facing Groups
Open Theatre 2, 17th October, 12:15-12:45 pm

Most banks today already have a digitalization plan. With open banking also making its way into most banks across the globes, it’s imperative we understand how they are related. In this open theatre session, Amit is going to talk about the how both roads lead towards a common goal. He will also lay out a clear path that today’s banks should ideally take to become customer owners.


In the Open Banking world, it becomes easier for others to get access to your data and therefore draw insights from it. You need to monetize and manage your ecosystem effectively to emerge as the true customer owner. This needs to be backed up by a complete view of your products along with that of your partners and easy offer creation from multiple members of the ecosystem. A middle layer to abstract technical products to form business products and subsequently offers is the need of the hour

The immediate need for your bank is to understand and cater to the customers’ needs on a global scale. You need to be able to craft deals which can take care of the minutest details around business banking requirements, while at the same time maintain transparency of operations. Adopting technologies like predictive analytics and machine learning can aid in understanding customers better, simplify due diligence, and most importantly understand the value you are getting from your ecosystem

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