Why work at SunTec

It is people who make good companies great. With an exceptional team, we believe we certainly are on track. Thus, we ensure our people have access to the best learning and growth opportunities, while impacting some of the world’s leading service providers. A diverse culture, a fun vibe, and a strong desire to win the world – if you’re seeking these, you’re in the right place.

What working with us means


To enable the digital economy across industries, by orchestrating uniform value flow throughout the marketspace. Our future-ready products empower organisations to derive optimum value from their complete ecosystem, to become owners of their marketspace.

What you can expect

An environment of collaboration, inclusion and celebration. A chance to design a clear, growing career path. Learning with a team of go-getters. A variety of benefit programmes and competitive compensation. Exposure to international work opportunities.

We are hiring!

If you’re seeking us, we are seeking you. Explore the current opportunities with us, and reach out. Help us make businesses customer centric and effective.

Current openings

Experience: 0-2 YearsJob Description: Create content such as whitepaper, case studies, flyers, presentations, emails, etc. Create stand

“The company’s senior leaders have truly internalised the goals and objectives they have set to achieve. People feel appreciated and are recognised for their dedication and hard work!”

Sarath Chandran

Solution Analyst- Global Delivery and Support

It’s truly a place with people first attitude. And that’s reflected in all aspects of work. It’s okay to experiment, share ideas, and even make mistakes as long as you are willing to learn from it.

Ranjith Paliyath

Principal Architect- Product Engineering

I am part of a team that’s building a world class product. The journey is exciting, the learning is great.

Anjali Sekhar

Module Architect- Product Engineering