Xelerate® helps make life smoother for you and your customer using cutting edge analytics and machine learning

In today’s digital world, customers are used to the right products at the right time and at the right price. Large retail chains and tech firms have boiled it down to a science. The nature of offerings is such that these operations cannot be handled manually. However, these operations are also not dumb processes which can be handled only by automation. Enter analytics and machine learning. With ecosystems coming into play, the complexity of understanding the perfect contextual product combinations for customers has increased.



The future is all about becoming the customer owner and our analytics engine can become the key differentiator for you enabling you on this journey. With Xelerate®, you can offer extremely customer centric offerings. Our platform is not only equipped to understand and derive insights from incoming data, it can also interpret analytics insights from other such systems

Xelerate® has enabled more than 65 organisations understand their customers and use analytics to better serve them while increasing the total value they bring in a relationship. With Xelerate®, we do the work for you be it to dynamically segment the customer, create a bundle on the go or to understand how a product would perform in the market and affect other products already available. You can track a customer through their lifetime journey be it an individual or a company and offer contextual products which make sense to him. With the proper tools in your arsenal, it becomes a win-win game for you and your customer.

The Business Impact

Create contextual offers for your customers based on real-time analytics

With Xelerate®, you can organise your customers into segment-of-one to address critical business issues and to develop differentiated product offerings and value propositions. Collect real-time usage information of the customers and derive insights from the data.

Create the ideal offers for your customers based on advanced customer and market analysis. With the contextual offers, enhance the opportunities for up-sell and cross-sell thereby increasing revenue.

You can track the customer lifetime journey and provide suitable products at various stages of their lives addressing their basic human needs.


Analyse and forecast accurately through interactive dashboards

Track and analyse the multiple dimensions for each customer and provide relationship mangers with precise intelligence on customer behavior to take preemptive measures. Historic data coupled with simulation helps in accurate forecast to be able to act on it better. Interactive dashboards with enhanced drill down facilities help users see data with different parameters and filters thereby helping seek very targeted insights.

Track your customers’ behavior over multiple touch-points to gain insights into his needs and overall satisfaction with your products. This allows you to add overall value to your relationship by providing incentives when your customer is prone to be unhappy or price a product at the correct value


Make informed decisions with minimal risk

Analytics functionality of Xelerate® provides real time customer value-based business intelligence with access to accurate data provides a single version of the truth, driving smarter and faster decision making and with better business outcomes. This enables decision makers at different levels in the enterprise to design and implement customer-centric product and pricing strategies. With automated approval mechanisms, risk management becomes part of the process.

Structured and automated workflow of process and data analysis helps eliminate errors and fraudulent transactions and reducing the risks. Data being consumed at each touch-point both internal and external to the bank can be tracked with potential deviations from patterns triggering alerts. With the digital age, there has been a huge spike in the available data about your customers. Xelerate® analytics engine is an integral part of our solution which enables you to make sense of it



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