Xelerate®, our award-winning product suite, offers a centralised billing functionality

Organisations today face challenges with complex billing cycles, billing across LoBs and geographies, fragmented invoices, multiple currencies etc. Xelerate®’s Billing functionality provides centralised billing that streamlines processes for effective customer service, lower operating costs, and improved profits. It is designed for organisations to deal with the complexities. It has helped enterprises with their global statementing challenges entailing multiple currencies and multiple regulatory requirements across countries.

Supports multiple billing cycles for multiple groups across geographies

Xelerate®’s Billing supports multiple billing cycles, whether monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annually. The charges collected can be pro-rated based on the number of days. It facilitates the creation and management of different discount schemes in the form of volume-based discount plans, product bundles, package schemes and specific customer commissions.

Xelerate® also supports group creation facilitates for parallel processing of billing schedules, thus distributing the invoice processing load. It also supports diverse tax structure definitions or schemes as tax regulations vary across industries and geographies. The system can interface with third-party systems for tax computation and compliance.

Consolidated statements with drill down facilities for efficient operational management

With multiple LoBs and service lines, it is difficult to get one single view of the customer. A single consolidated view of different fee reports is required to check the leakages and improve revenues. Xelerate helps in providing a consolidated statement from across multiple business lines.

Xelerate billing feature also enables drill down facility which helps in a detailed view, which helps during dispute resolution. Xelerate also offers support for invoice reversal, correction and re-execution in case of any disputes. Bills can be generated at account, customer and product levels based on the requirement.



Critical features like pass through and price or invoice and hot billing are provided by Xelerate

Xelerate offers critical features which are essential for companies where multiple systems are into play. With information residing with different systems, Xelerate can enable the pass-through of the information and either price it or generate invoice depending on the enterprise requirement.

Xelerate also enables hot billing which is on-demand billing, and also the periodic billing as per the predefined intervals as per the requirements.

See how Xelerate® can better your business

We have enabled the largest bank in Netherlands to be able to collect data from different sources in different formats and transmission methods, whilst automating the consolidation of data to get a global view of the customers.