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Design an IT ecosystem for collaboration

To meet the growing demand for digital services, your organisation needs new architecture and technological discipline. One that lets you collaborate with partners to launch new services, while reducing associated cost and time. Xelerate® makes it real, with its technology agnostic capabilities.

Impact: the product suite blends with legacy as well as external systems, reducing the need for extensive technology overhauls. Open digital APIs enable smooth integration with partners. Collaboration is easy. Design and launch of new services, simple. Now create a holistic, carefully curated experience for your customers.

Undo data bottlenecks; harness the power of information

Information is the new currency for success in the digital economy. Communication Service Providers need to squeeze actionable insights from customer and product data, and apply them to design new strategies for success. Challenges: inflexible legacy systems, information silos, and disparate processes. Undo these bottlenecks, with Xelerate®.

Impact: you break down information silos, creating a 360-degree view of the customer. Unearth valuable cues to guide product and service development. Spot the opportunities for growth hidden in data-driven stories. Transform your business.

Adopt an omni-channel approach to delivering value

The best case scenario for your business today: delivering preferred services to your customers through digital channels like mobile and social media. You need to adopt the latest technology now, to navigate the digital challenge deftly. Xelerate® is ready to take the leap with you.

Impact: you get a flexible, scalable, award-winning product suite, which serves multiple sales and subscription channels through a single window. Its easy configuration allows product and device bundling on the fly. Now, adapt to your customers’ expectations with razor sharp precision and speed. Deliver the value they seek.

Design new products to match the digital consumer

Communication Service Providers must reinvent their businesses to suit the digital economy. The first step towards this: create new products and services for the new-age digital consumer. Xelerate® supports you, bringing a clear picture of customer behavior and preferences. So, you can create contextual offers and products.

Impact: you understand market opportunities and gaps, and the specific requirements of different customer segments. Anticipate their needs. Respond with the best deals and deploy them at the right time. Create a customer-centric portfolio of offerings and win in the digital economy.

Get go-to-market advantage for new offerings

Businesses are under pressure to launch innovative products and offers. But such innovation is possible only with the right infrastructural support. The need: agile, flexible IT systems, which support quick collaboration, and accommodate change. Xelerate® fits the bill and brings flexible, reusable components in its product catalogue.


Stay responsive with efficient, holistic product management

Your ability to launch, monitor, and manage products quickly, can significantly impact your market leadership. For, consumers expect your business to be fast, smart, and hyper-responsive in the digital age. Get this edge with Xelerate®.

Impact: its centralised repository offers a complete view of products across their life cycle, providing data for quick and improved decision making. The single view simplifies collaboration with internal and external teams, undoing information silos. Assess product performance. Create, modify, and manage them, to support changing consumer preferences.

Get ready to lead in the digital world

Digitalisation has changed the way businesses operate, and the technologies they use to interact with customers, partners, and suppliers. The key market trend: preparing for a thriving digital ecosystem, where the Internet of Things and smart cities are real. Take a step towards this future, with Xelerate®.

Impact: it blends into legacy environments with multiple IT systems, to remove information silos and provide a consolidated view of customers and products. Use this big picture view to design products and processes that meet the digital customers’ evolving expectations. Build digital experiences that are intuitive, responsive, and satisfying.

Design a connected experience for your customers

A convenient, engaging, and seamless customer experience, using a multi-channel approach, is the market wave urging Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to step up. Not only for the online sales function, but also for follow-ups, maintenance, and post-sales service operations. Use Xelerate®’s proven capabilities to orchestrate such an experience for your customers.

Impact: from acquisition to offer fulfillment, a single platform lets you serve customers through a range of touch points. Access to consistent, 360-degree customer data makes it easy to address queries and deliver transparent services. Holistic customer engagement across channels is now possible.

Forge strong partnerships to manage the value chain

Consumer lifestyles are increasingly turning digital, compelling CSPs to launch new services that go beyond conventional offerings. The key to making this happen: partnerships with players from different industries to create digital, value-rich services. Use Xelerate® to forge such partnerships, without reinventing your existing IT infrastructure.

Impact: you can onboard a range of partners, from different industries, quickly and easily. Support for varied revenue models lets you adopt the most beneficial revenue management formats. Armed with such capabilities, you can now find the best ways to deliver value to both customers and partners, and steer the new ecosystem.

Nurture happier customers; generate sharper revenue

Fierce competition and waning customer loyalty make customer experience management a top priority for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). In a crowded market, better customer experience is a starting point to build differentiation. And therefore profitability. Allow Xelerate® to give you a head start.

Impact: its consolidated 360-degree view of customer information lets you clearly understand customer preferences. Use the data to design context-friendly, unique product bundles. And provide real time usage information to your customers. Transparent services. Tailored to suit specific needs. Differentiation is now possible.

Respond accurately to market needs

To build a productive and incisive digital business ecosystem, businesses need to analyze granular transactions. They need to decipher how services are being received by customers, and how profitable they are. Xelerate® makes it happen through intelligent analytics, generating meaning from events in real time.

Impact: you pre-empt risks and make informed decisions using historic and predictive analytics. This not only enables you to understand customers and the market better, but also provide context aware offers. Business relevance and responsiveness, delivered.

Increase life time value of customers

Offer the right product at the right time. Deliver multi-channel service. Ensure a seamless experience across touchpoints. Today’s customers expect all this and more from their CSPs. Driving competitive advantage, thus, is about meeting these expectations consistently. And improving the previous benchmark. Xelerate® lets you do all this with ease.

Result: you get real time information about customers, product and offers, so you have the right data to service them. No matter the channel or touchpoint. Create dynamic, context based offers. Introduce relationship-based pricing. Improved life time value is now yours.

Reduce time-to-market, with dynamic offer design

What happens when you reach your customers at the right time, with the right offer? You build better brand recall, ensure sales conversions due to personalised offers, and enjoy stronger revenue growth. Driving them all – strong IT capabilities. And that’s what Xelerate® brings you.

Impact: its product catalogue has inbuilt online pricing engine and policy management abilities. You can harness real time insights and contexts in creating products/ offers that your customers celebrate. This centralised catalog can interface through upstream and downstream channels, allowing you to configure innovative products with ease.

Rely on smart data to proliferate revenue

Enterprises are discovering the opportunities big data holds for their business. As more and more companies spend on data management and analytics capabilities, there’s greater pressure on everyone to gain significantly higher returns for that investment. Use Xelerate® to get a head start here.

Result: predictive and reflective analytics offer customer behavior insights to deliver optimal customer experience. Deploy innovative offers quickly, and increase your market agility. You can also simulate offerings beforehand, to pre-empt market risks and thereby, drive revenue gains.

Deliver relevant value, retain customers

Businesses want to tailor interactions with customers across touchpoints and channels, based on their needs and preferences. The intent behind these personalisation efforts – attract and retain profitable segments, by delivering relevant value to them. Xelerate® supports such efforts.

Impact: integrated view of customer data and smart analytics help you design the best deals for each customer segment. Coupled with right pricing strategies, it results in customer-centric offerings that help your business stand out in a crowded market place. Deliver value. Achieve growth.

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