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Take a fresh approach to value creation

The IoT age offers immense opportunities to design and deliver new products and services. Maximising such opportunities requires taking a new approach: one of value creation. Xelerate® is equipped to help you create, deliver, and monitor the flow of value across the life cycle of your customers.

From acquisition through offer fulfilment and retention, you can anticipate the exact value your customers seek. And tailor innovation to deliver it. Further, you can orchestrate offer management, pricing, billing, and other customer service processes. Meet the unique requirements of each customer, and build differentiation for your brand.

Nurture an ecosystem of robust partnerships

Thriving in the IoT era is about building strong partnerships. Across industries, adding diverse capabilities, and designing new services based on convergence of sectors. For it helps build a virtual network, based on mutual value creation opportunities for all stakeholders. Forge such partnerships with ease using Xelerate®.

On board partners quickly. Build a comprehensive portfolio of offerings using their products and services. Define the complete, compelling experience for your customers. Be the customer owner in the digital ecosystem, and direct value back to your partners from your customer relationships.

Design your IT capabilities for the IoT ecosystem

New devices. New technologies. New connected networks. The IoT wave drives them all, and is in turn shaped by them. Ride this wave with an award-winning product suite, Xelerate®. It is flexible, scalable, and designed to support new-age business opportunities.

You gain complete visibility over products, billing, customer life cycle needs, and partnerships. Smart channel management features come built in. Analytics bring powerful, actionable insights. All in a single product suite that works well with legacy infrastructure. Spot new opportunities. Create and monetise services quickly.

Build the foundation for successful IoT efforts

To harness the complete power of IoT, service providers need a strong technological foundation. A foundation that supports intelligent, connected devices and services. And capabilities that are nimble in a digital ecosystem, yet scalable in high-convergence scenarios.

Xelerate® offers that – a technology agnostic platform that works well across industry ecosystems. Now conceive, deliver, and monetise any IoT service for a variety of markets, through niche business models. Collaborate effectively from service ideation through contract to cash – across the value fabric of IoT.

Usher in technology that reduces time-to-market

The trend of digital transformation isn’t new. But IoT adds a new layer of opportunity and complexity to it, pushing traditional services and structures towards change. Reason: legacy platforms and IT systems are often inadequate to meet emerging opportunities, and serve as critical bottlenecks in time-to-market, and cost reduction of new services.

Xelerate® helps you mitigate this challenge. It is simple to integrate into your existing systems. A centralised platform allows for simulation and quick launch of products. This, while open APIs facilitate plug and play partnerships. Prevent a technological overhaul, reach the market faster, with better product bundles.

Deploy sharp analytics to help increase revenue

Developing robust data management and analytics capabilities is crucial for you as a service provider. Especially with IoT creating an intricately connected ecosystem through multiple devices. Data from these devices provides you information about product performance, customer relationships, and success of partnerships. The need: to extract actionable insights.

Xelerate® generates such insights, through its predictive and historic analytical capabilities, in real time. Get a comprehensive picture of customer behaviour. Create dynamic pricing and policies, based on their needs. Make data driven decisions that pre-empt risks, ultimately creating better revenue and agility in customer service.

Create targeted offerings, create value across your ecosystem

The operational efficiencies and greater market reach IoT affords, will create substantial value in many industries. IoT-driven collaborations will result in many cross-industry products. And open up additional sources of revenue from new services and offerings. Provided you can manage the complexity of partnering with players from different sectors.

Allow Xelerate® to help you stay on top of this trend. With a centralised product catalogue that interfaces with both upstream and downstream channels, it’s easy to partner across industries and create new product offerings. While monitoring their performance in the market in real time.

Personalise products to create a sharp competitive edge

The foundation of IoT – intricate connectedness through sensors, devices, products, etc. What’s the real challenge for service providers here? To truly understand how populations, enterprises, and individuals behave in real time, so we can optimise the process of offering, supplying, and monetising collaborative service delivery.

Xelerate® enables you to gain this understanding. Deliver an optimal customer experience using behaviour insights derived from predictive and reflective analytics. You can design products by simulating them to different scenarios, and select the next best offer for your customers. While analysing profitability.

Design revenue generation solutions; serve your customers and partners

Connectivity provides the fabric over which machine to machine and machine to human conversations can take place. These interactions offer possibilities for product and service providers to partner across the IoT ecosystem, to create solutions that cross the boundaries of process and industry.

And Xelerate® has capabilities that create such solutions. Now, forge cross-industry partnerships, uninhibited by geographical boundaries, in a dynamic IoT ecosystem. Design beneficial revenue sharing models with partners, and create customer centric products that are easy to adopt.

Optimise data to support innovation and new revenue streams

The IoT fuels conversation between devices, machines, and people, making data exchange a key aspect of the connected journey. Insights from such data creates multiple possibilities – spotting of opportunities for new products, identification of profitable customer segments, cues for better service delivery, etc.

Get these benefits with Xelerate®. It interfaces with your existing IT systems and channels, harvesting customer, product, and billing data from across the organisation. The result: a single, consolidated view of crucial information, and real time analytics that help you drive context-based innovation. Spot the best opportunity, and design the right fit offering to match it.

Monetise offerings in an intuitive digital environment

Flexibility and relevance are paramount when it comes to monetising IoT opportunities. Service providers require a system which can implement complex pricing models, and support unconventional pricing for products from different industries.

Xelerate® understands this requirement. It lets you meet partners’ needs through innovative pricing models for different industries. Be it price per car for an automotive partner, or price per room for a hospitality partner. Create cross-industry products and services quickly. Monetise through pre-paid, post-paid, or hybrid billing models.

Build and manage partnerships to support tomorrow’s needs

Convergence of sectors. Changing lifestyles. And an increasing need for digital services. The intersection of these three trends creates immense opportunities for businesses. Provided they can partner with players across industries to design new services swiftly, and deliver value to both customers and partners.

Xelerate® facilitates such partnerships, with an industry-agnostic platform. You can on board players quickly from different sectors and collaborate to create smart product bundles or offers. Use the dashboard to monitor the status of these relationships. See what value each player seeks, and design solutions that provide them.

Enhance loyalty, by enhancing customer experience

IoT makes it possible for more service providers to deliver innovative services faster. Thus increasing competition for businesses, no matter the industry, and affecting customer loyalty. Then, what can help your business cater better to customer needs and improve their satisfaction?

Actively driving real time customer experience with Xelerate®’s modelling and simulation capabilities. It provides a complete picture of the customer’s needs, and how your products will match them. Now deliver a context-sensitive service in real time. Across multiple channels. Create business stickiness.

Deploy pricing strategies that are attractive

While customer centricity is important, so is a service provider’s ability to generate revenue that spurs business growth. Any service that is provided with a distinguished perceived value, generates curiosity and engagement. And you need to optimise that, by being agile with your price strategies.

Exactly what Xelerate® can help with. Action oriented analytics deliver real time insights and context to drive pricing decisions. So you can identify your profitable customers, use dynamic pricing capabilities to design offers that keep them engaged. Or use relationship-based pricing to reward customer loyalty and improve stickiness.

Create a connected experience across channels

The new-age customer seeks more control over his interactions with service providers. Service through channels of choice, and access to relevant data quickly are key elements that define his experience. In such a context, managing customer expectations is about managing products, offers, and communication across touchpoints.

Exactly what Xelerate® lets you do. A 360-degree view of the customer gives you a thorough understanding of his needs and preferences. While quick access to holistic products and pricing data lets you resolve queries. Combine them to make customer interactions efficient, and the experience smooth. No matter the channel of access.

Stay relevant and wanted with personalisation

IoT-based products are different from their analogue predecessors. A permanent, high-speed Internet-based relationship guarantees that vendor and customer need never be detached. But, as quality improves and prices fall, customers will likely stick around if they get customised solutions.

And Xelerate® can help. With consolidated information about customers needs and product status, giving you complete visibility over both. There’s also predictive and reflective analytics to drive real time insights and contexts in creating new products. Target the right products to the right segments. Deliver through the right channels.

Strengthen customer satisfaction through strategic partnerships

The IoT stitches together existing and emerging technologies, so that new benefits can be achieved. What does that mean for businesses? Right pricing, cross industry alliances, and partnerships, where different expertise is woven together for service offerings.

Xelerate® is designed to do exactly that. Its APIs are easy to integrate with, making quick collaborations across industries, easy. On-board partners at local, regional, and global levels, to create the right service bundles for your customers. Use inbuilt online pricing engine to create the right offers, and take them to market quickly.

Engage with your customers on channels they choose

When customers choose the channel through which they engage with their IoT service providers, they get to manage their own experience of the service. Role of service providers here: to be aware of customer behaviour, product performance, and opportunities, across all channels.

Xelerate® lets you effectively manage customer and offer life cycles in an omni-channel environment. It consolidates relevant data from across organisational silos, for all aspects of the customers’ life cycle. Find the right information, derive insights from it, and serve customers across channels –all effortlessly.

Implementation of SunTec’s product Xelerate® helped us understand our customers and our pricing better. With SunTec’s expertise we were able to offer flexible pricing to our customers, plug revenue leakage, and increase revenue.

Mr. Reinhard Furthmayr
Senior Vice President, Commerzbank

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