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Navigate through intricate enterprise ecosystems, smoothly

Enterprise customers in digital ecosystems bring unique conditions for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to work with – legacy systems, and need for personalised services. Xelerate® can address them, creating a market ready path for your customer engagement and growth.

An industry agnostic platform, Xelerate® is simple to integrate into your existing systems. Open APIs make collaboration with partners easy. Agile, centralised product management allows for quick launch of products. This, while keeping operational costs low, and preventing a technological overhaul. Get Xelerate®, augment your business through stellar value management.

Create lasting value, for yourself and your customers

Digital transformation has ushered in trends that are here to stay – increased use of mobile devices, opportunities for cross-industry collaborations, customer need for omni-channel experiences, to name a few. What does this mean for CSPs? Finding niche ways to create services that are consumable, and monetising them.

Xelerate® helps you do that. Gain a centralised master database of products and services, with inbuilt online pricing engine and policy management. Add to it: contextual insights to show how your customers engage with your products. Spot new opportunities for monetisation. Configure appropriate offer bundles in minutes, and orchestrate customer delight.

Use personalisation to drive customer loyalty

With a multitude of CSPs in the market offering attractive services to enterprises, customer loyalty is always at stake. Enterprises today demand customised, instant services, that keep up with their shifting needs. And the key to keeping these customers engaged and happy – pure personalisation.

Xelerate® is built for such a scenario. With drill-down contextual and predictive analysis, you can access your customers’ behaviour/ preferences in an omni-channel environment. This 360-degree picture primes you to develop well-differentiated target segments. Create product bundles, including offers from your partners, and deploy them in real time. Deliver personalisation. Gain business stickiness.

Deploy future ready offers with ease

Revenue from traditional services is on the decline. And consumer appetite for new, personalised services is on the increase. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need to evaluate emerging opportunities, and stay equipped to tap into them, quickly.

Xelerate® – a single dedicated portal to manage all product activities can help. Its flexible, reusable components in the centralised product catalogue reduce time taken to configure new products. Result – lesser time to market, when you find an opportunity to capitalise. Driven by real-time insights, your offerings can stay ahead of the market curve.

Use analytics to drive your customer engagement

What helps keep enterprise customers engaged over a long period of time? Introduction of new offers that respond to changing needs. Along with sustained focus on superior, value based, customer service. The challenge – to do this in real time, in a hyper connected digital system.

Achieve this with Xelerate®. It integrates data from information silos to create a connected picture of the customer, across the lifecycle. So you can anticipate customer needs and tailor the right products to match them. Sharp analytics help you identify the performance successes or pitfalls of your products. Design customer centric offerings. Simulate and model offers before deploying them.

Transform your technology landscape, without an overhaul

Legacy infrastructure in enterprises have resulted in one significant hurdle for CSPs – inflexible systems causing long time to create and launch products. Even though the products themselves might be personalised and relevant. The cost: loss of revenue, mind share, and market growth.

Get Xelerate® to overcome this challenge. Its industry agnostic platform is easy to integrate with existing systems. Open APIs make transactions and coordination across the digital ecosystem seamless. Now you can create and deploy products in a flash, without redoing your existing technological landscape.

Form cross-industry alliances and create unique offerings

By forging partnerships with service providers across industries, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) can create unique, personalised service bundles for enterprises. What facilitates such partnerships? Technology capabilities that integrate with different systems, ability to support unconventional pricing models, and possibility of winning new markets.

Xelerate® can make all that real. Easy to integrate with multiple systems, it is built with open APIs that allow for collaborations to happen seamlessly. On-board partners at local, regional, and global levels, to create the right service bundles for your customers. Also get a single, 360-degree view of your partnerships, to manage them effectively.

Make pricing your value proposition; reward customer loyalty

CSPs need to deliver the right proposition at the right price, to enterprise customers of all sizes and levels of complexity. They need to understand customer relationships, and create preferential pricing which engages them. In essence, reward loyalty, and gain revenue as a result.

Xelerate® is on top of that game. Gain a complete picture of your customer relationships; deploy value-based offers that are targeted and personalised. Use relationship-based pricing to further differentiate offerings. The impact: increased life time value of customers and improved stickiness for your business.

Use simulation to stay successful – economically and with customers

The digital age has set the bar high for delivery of products and services – instant, on-demand, and personalised. And the competition to deliver them is immense. There are multiple players and new economic models emerging. How can you grow revenues, while ensuring a delightful customer experience for enterprises?

Xelerate® can make it happen, with its efficient product configuration capabilities. You can simulate products or services based on contextual insights about your customers’ needs. Model them to assess profitability and margins. Deploy them if satisfied. Thanks to historic and predictive analytics, your decisions would be risk-proof, and offers tailored to your customers’ ask.

Use smart IT capabilities to win over market needs

Enterprise communications demand a shift from a ‘supply-push’ model (with limited user choice) to a ‘demand-pull’ one (with enormous choice). It requires qualitative changes in the way business is conducted: lower cost, more partners, simpler integration, and full automation of operations.

Xelerate® enables that. With a technology agnostic platform, it can be plugged into legacy systems without disrupting them. Building and operationalising partnerships is easy. It also undoes information silos and improves visibility over customer and product data. Get a consolidated view of customer needs, automate operations, and you’re ready for the digital wave.

Create the right products, launch them with confidence

There is mounting evidence: service platforms and IT systems are becoming critical bottlenecks in time-to-market performance, quality, cost reduction, as well as the launch of new products/ services. How do enterprise communications providers counter this?

With Xelerate®. It has a flexible, centralised product catalogue, with an integrated pricing engine. All data that you need to launch new products or services is at your fingertips. You can even simulate and model products before deploying them, to ensure profitability. Decrease time to market, ensure better market coverage through effective product management.

Get the data edge to meet customer expectations

When it comes to enterprise communications, the end-user has multiple access points – many channels and numerous devices. The data generated from each of these access points is immense. The need of the hour – read the data, build the right strategies to meet the customer at each touch point, and stay relevant.

Xelerate® is poised to help you do that. It lets you analyse reservoirs of data, to gain sharper customer understanding. Result: actionable insights to plan next steps. What’s more, it lets you manage offers and channels too. Without investing in additional IT capabilities. This single product suite is all that you need to cater to customer expectations in an omni-channel environment.

Help existing systems step-up, and enhance revenue

The management and monetisation of digital services is a challenge for many traditional Communication Service Providers (CSPs). Their existing systems were designed for specific services like voice and data, and cannot be easily optimised for digital transformation. Possible impact: loss of revenue and wallet shares.

But, Xelerate® can address this. Through a technology agnostic platform that blends seamlessly into your existing IT landscape. It has service oriented architecture, is agile, and easy to integrate with multiple systems, due to open APIs. You get the capabilities to respond swiftly to changing customer needs, create new products faster, and monetise them efficiently.

See the big picture, innovate smarter

Multiple platforms for customer management, product design, and invoicing, still exist at many enterprises. They could be inherited from mergers and acquisitions, or stem from legacy system growth over many years. This leads to information and process silos that contribute to business risk, high operational costs, and stifled innovation.

Allow Xelerate® to reduce the complexity. It undoes data silos across your enterprise, building a clear, connected picture of your service, products, their performances, and your customers’ life cycle. This unique view shows gaps and opportunities to meet market needs. Innovate with confidence, with the bigger picture in sight. Not a fragmented one.

Build efficiency and ease, across the enterprise ecosystem

To succeed as a digital service provider, you need to coordinate transactions across a complex ecosystem of partners, providing an end-to-end solution to enterprises. But, conventional revenue management systems fall short of managing the potential and dynamism of this kind of value chain.

Xelerate® can help you navigate this ecosystem with ease. It supports unconventional pricing based on partner products – be it each product or each instance of use. A flexible suite, it lets you manage multiple services on the same platform, giving you a complete view of your customers and partnerships. Transparency and efficiency in managing billing and pricing for new-age services is now possible.

Use technology to stay responsive to customer needs

Digital and Communication Service Providers often don’t have complete visibility of customers and products, because of the fragmented development of their business systems over the years. They are unable to deliver consolidated, real time customer experience. And today’s enterprise customer demands no less. Result: Low satisfaction.

That’s where Xelerate® fits in. It delivers a single, holistic version of product truth, through a centralised product catalogue. Keep a tab on the performance of your products, their variants, and new opportunities with them. Partner across industries to create product bundles that are innovative. Remove redundancy of offers, stay unique.

Learn exactly what your customers need, through smart analytics

If CSPs want to win enterprise customers, retain them, and maintain a high satisfaction score through their life cycle, the best practice to adopt: understand individual business requirements. And tailor service propositions accordingly, rather than promote a range of unwanted services.

Allow Xelerate® to do the needful. With capabilities that blend with legacy systems and interface with all customer touchpoints, you can gather holistic data about your customers, in real time. Deliver an engaging customer experience using customer behaviour insights derived from predictive and reflective analytics. Use this to create contextual, personalised offers. Engage your customers endlessly.

Craft an unparallel experience for your customers

Due to multiple contracts and service level agreements with CSPs, customer service for enterprises sometimes suffers. The primary reason behind this disconnect – an experience that is fragmented and does not match customer expectations.

Xelerate® helps you pre-empt that. Orchestrate a holistic customer experience, in an omni-channel environment. No matter the touchpoint. Know what your customers need, through consolidated data of their behaviour and preferences. Access crucial information about their product usage and preferences, to help deliver better service. That’ll make your business undeniable.

Implementation of SunTec’s product Xelerate® helped us understand our customers and our pricing better. With SunTec’s expertise we were able to offer flexible pricing to our customers, plug revenue leakage, and increase revenue.

Mr. Reinhard Furthmayr
Senior Vice President, Commerzbank

We’ve prevented an annual revenue leakage of USD 60 million, while creating and deploying 41 new applications for the largest cable MSO in the U.S. Do you desire such numbers?