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Deliver the precise value your customers seek

Today’s audiences want anytime, anyplace access to fresh content. A plethora of smart devices – phones and tablets – make it possible, challenging traditional ways of consuming content. The opportunity for your media enterprise lies in understanding consumer needs and bringing the right offerings to match their expectations. A task made easy with Xelerate®.

It lets you assess, create, and deliver value to customers, based on a precise understanding of their needs. Smart analytics convert data to actionable insights, giving you cues to match products and services to the right user segments. Integrated revenue management adds the extra edge. So, you build value into all aspects of customer interactions with our single product suite.

Respond to dynamic market needs with the right offers

As consumer viewing habits change, so must the ways in which media players offer and monetise content. The challenge for your business – explore and embrace dynamic economic models that respond to market needs, yet support your revenue growth.

Xelerate® supports quick launch and monetisation of products and services. A centralised repository gives a holistic view of products and their performance; so, spotting opportunities for innovation is easy. Dynamic, context-based pricing and policy modules allow flexibility to design and deliver the right offers, at the right time. Greater market agility. Better customer delight. Both are possible.

Join the dots to lead the digital journey

Monetising your assets to meet the digitalisation challenge is possible, when you have a clear view of their performance and margins. In real time. Xelerate® offers 360-degree view of your customers, products, services, offers, and even partnerships, integrating information across silos.

It brings enhanced visibility and a single version of truth. Analytics help spot gaps and pre-empt risks. See the big picture to spot trends, drill down for specifics. Design your strategies, backed by insights. Deploy your assets to create market advantage.

Speed up new offers launch with responsive IT

Media players need to provide innovative offers to keep pace with fast-changing customer expectations. Or be out-paced by competition. What can help you adapt to the trend? IT infrastructure that’s robust, yet flexible to meet market dynamism.

Xelerate® fits into your existing IT ecosystem, bringing such capabilities. Scalable, it adapts to varying business needs. High flexibility lets you configure new products and services with ease, while reflective and predictive analytics indicate their viability. Add new services faster, monetise with confidence.

Get the IT transformation edge, without the disruption

Media players realise the need to go digital. But are often saddled with legacy systems that are inadequate to support these goals. The result: time and effort intensive IT transformation projects, that disrupt routine business. Xelerate® offers an advantage here.

It works with legacy systems, thereby protecting existing IT investments. Open architecture and modular design allow quick implementation. Exceptional features for product, customer, and revenue management, bring in customer-centric capabilities. So, you get the transformative capabilities of an IT overhaul without going through one.

Orchestrate partnerships to gain competitive advantage

The customer appetite for fresh content is increasing, but media players are constrained to deliver such content at a rapid pace. There’s also the factor of increasing competition from OTT players. The solution: collaborate with partners to offer innovative content and build a competitive edge.

Xelerate® makes managing partnerships easy. Its industry agnostic platform supports collaboration with players from different industries. Open APIs facilitate quick integration with their IT systems. On-board partners rapidly at global, regional, and local levels. Manage cross-geography relationships with ease.

Create customer-centric services that are market relevant

The digital age supports delivery of instant, on-demand services. And customers expect such services to be personalised, transparent, and highly-relevant. Add to it, competition from OTT players. Media players are under immense pressure to identify customer needs precisely and offer them the most relevant services.

Xelerate® creates 360-degree profiles of customers, integrating data from information silos, to give you complete visibility over their needs and preferences. Assess gaps. Identify opportunities. Create customer-centric products and services; target the right offers to the right segments.

Speed up time-to-market of offerings

Changing viewing habits. Growing social media adoption. Smarter technologies and inexpensive gadgets. Design products and services that respond to these dynamics, and launch them with ease, with Xelerate® to boost your product management capabilities.

A centralised catalogue presents consolidated view of all products and services. Flexible, reusable components reduce time to configure new product versions, while online pricing engine and policy management drive context relevant pricing. From design to launch, the process is possible in just a few days.

De-risk your product performance

It’s the age of instant access. Customer preferences and market realities change quickly, making it essential for your product development to be always cued to the changing conditions. Then, what can predict the success of your product and guide your planning?

Simulation and modelling capabilities, such as the ones Xelerate® brings. Historic and predictive real time analytics highlight profitability as well as potential risks. Customer behaviour insights create a sharper context for decision making. Gather cues, make informed decisions. Pre-empt risks and curb potential losses.

Make customer-centricity your differentiator

The predominance of the Internet and availability of quality content from OTT players is re-defining the conventional media player-customer relationship. Today’s customer doesn’t just seek new services. S/he seeks an experience built on quality, personalisation, and transparency.

Design it with Xelerate®. Our award-winning product suite lets you model a clear picture of the customer, indicating histories and preferences. Use these cues to curate and design a relevant experience, complete with targeted products and offers. Assess the unique value each customer seeks, deliver it with precision.

Orchestrate a consistent experience across touchpoints

Increase customer satisfaction score. But reduce cost to serve. It’s possible to do both, when your people, processes, and technologies, are aligned to deliver a consistent experience to customers. Across channels.

Allow Xelerate® to assist. It gives your teams a single, consolidated view of customers and products, pulling together data from information silos. Access the right information swiftly, reduce time and cost to serve. More than that, orchestrate a seamless, connected experience for customers, no matter the channel they choose to interact with you.

Design pricing strategies that delight

The digital-age customers expect quick access to content and other media services, and expect them at the best price point. Media players have to be agile with their price strategies and combat pressure on margins with smart offer management. Just what Xelerate® is designed to help with.

Sharp analytics deliver real time insights and context to drive pricing decisions. Know your most profitable customers, design offers that delight them. Or use relationship-based pricing to reward customer loyalty and improve stickiness. Either way, price management works to your advantage.

Be innovative, be swift, be relevant

The digital world has a high degree of flux and a shorter shelf-life of ideas. What’s innovative today will seem dated in weeks, thus compelling companies to experiment and adapt quickly to market conditions.

Take the lead in this digital race. Drive agility and innovation into your product management with Xelerate®. Configure new products quickly. Assess their potential risks through simulation and modelling. Go to market faster. Manage, modify, or launch variants swiftly, by monitoring their performance in real time.

Simplify partner management, amplify impact

It’s the age of convergence. Not just of technologies, but also of sectors. The result: opportunities for innovative content sourcing and distribution. The requirement for media players to tap into them: partnerships with enterprises from different industries.

Xelerate® supports quick on boarding and efficient management of partners. Be they at local, regional, or global levels. Its open architecture permits easy integration with external systems. Industry-agnostic nature and unconventional pricing features support cross-industry alliances. Enjoy plug-and-play partnerships with our award-winning product suite.

Make customer-centricity a key pillar of your digital journey

Your digital transformation needs to be consistent with customer expectations of timely, relevant products, and a high-quality experience that attracts them to your brand. Use Xelerate® to embed customer-centricity into your transformative journey.

Unified view of customer data, product as well as pricing information, lets you offer quick and accurate service from acquisition through retention. Analytics point to customer needs and segment-based opportunities. Design a holistic, context-sensitive experience in real-time based on customer preferences. Deliver seamlessly, through multiple channels.

Spot hidden opportunities for revenue growth

Media and entertainment houses are expanding operations to new geographies, in a bid to capture new markets and improve business growth. While this could prove beneficial, opportunities for revenue generation might lie untapped among the existing customer base too.

Spot and optimise such opportunities with Xelerate®. Its holistic customer data analysis creates a clear picture of customer preferences and needs. Accurate segmentation is now possible. Contextual insights further guide innovation of offers for different segments, letting you target the right products to the right groups. Customer loyalty and revenue growth – reach both goals at once.

Create a rewarding experience for customers, with personalised services

Free availability of content on the Internet. Smart services from OTT players. With all this on offer, customer loyalty to traditional media players is on the decline. The impact: shrinking wallet share, reduced profitability.

Beat the trend by delivering intelligent, relevant services to your customers. The essentials for this – customer insights, flexibility in creating offers, smart product bundling – come built into Xelerate®. Personalise offers in real time, deliver across touchpoints to increase engagement.

Compete on the strength of relationships, not just price

A number of media players offer similar products and services today, leaving little room for differentiation. Pricing alone, then, is inadequate to attract and retain customers. For, they fail to see unique value in the offerings.

A different approach: combine the value of relationships with preferential pricing. With Xelerate®. Its market-leading capabilities in relationship-based pricing help evaluate profitability and status. Not just of each customer, but also enterprise or household in your portfolio. Define pricing and discounts, based on overall relationships. Reward loyalty with flexible pricing.

Implementation of SunTec’s product Xelerate® helped us understand our customers and our pricing better. With SunTec’s expertise we were able to offer flexible pricing to our customers, plug revenue leakage, and increase revenue.

Mr. Reinhard Furthmayr
Senior Vice President, Commerzbank

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