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Fuel growth through actionable data and strong relationships

The economics of the cards and payment services industry is changing. Evolving regulations and volatile markets only add to your challenges. How can you combat these trends and stay ready for tomorrow? Allow Xelerate®, our value management solution, to help.

Result: you can gather and analyse customer as well as product data to decipher emerging trends. Design smart responses, backed by analytical data. Build stronger relationships with upstream and downstream partners. In other words, fuel capabilities that pave the way for your future growth.

Design your business to move ahead with the customer

Today’s customers seek greater flexibility and control over their transactions. And are showing a marked preference for service providers and products that give them both. Your business needs the agility to keep pace with such demands, and deliver superior customer experience based on their increasing expectations. Partner with Xelerate®.

Result: you get the insights and tools necessary to pre-empt as well as meet changing customer needs. End-to-end automation of key processes infuses them with speed and precision. Reliable technology helps you orchestrate all customer facing touch points, such that you deliver a flawless, uniform experience across the lifecycle, all the way from acquisition to servicing and retention.

Invest in the right opportunities for growth

The future of the cards industry points towards digital payments. Card-less transactions are already a reality, and disruptive payment services are steering consumer demand for innovative products. What can help you secure market edge in such a context are forward-looking capabilities. Capabilities that you can build with Xelerate®.

Result: reliable intelligence powered by analytics highlights areas of potential growth. With this, it’s easier to understand where and when to invest – be it for product innovation or improved customer service. From creating new products to pricing them right, and even designing intelligent bundles, you can do it with certainty. And reduce risk exposure.

Innovate fast, innovate smart

The payments industry is witnessing a paradigm shift. More players, newer services, and the emergence of the smart phone as a payment tool are changing the landscape. And the consumer appetite for high-convenience products and services is only growing.
Tap into this demand. Create innovative products quickly, but reduce associated costs and efforts. Xelerate®’s centralised product catalogue aggregates all essential product data from across the organisation. Giving you details of old product versions, pricing, and their current market status, thus reducing value leakages. No more information silos. Only efficient steps towards the new.

Drive down risk, be better prepared for success

Be it in-app payment support. Or a new digital transaction avenue. Innovation in the payments industry is surging ahead. Keep pace by launching your own products and services quickly. And de-risk their success too. All with Xelerate®.
Its product management features include simulation capabilities. They build a realistic picture of the product’s potential, helping you assess its market demand. Customer behaviour analytics bring additional inputs. Backed by such data, you can make informed decisions. De-escalate risk and aim for success.

Stay responsive to market needs

Thriving in a crowded market is easy when you are nimble and responsive to change. Such agility equips you to meet customer needs just in time. A pre-requisite for this: deep, holistic knowledge of your customers, their past behaviours, and emerging preferences.
Xelerate® brings it all to you. Use these insights to drive contextual innovation and target the right segments with the right products. Design offers dynamically. Whether with retail partners, F&B services, or travel portals – collaborate and present attractive product bundles and deals. In just a few days.

Launch the right product at the right time

To maximize customer profit potential, it is crucial for you to look into gaps with your product offerings, and explore the inhibitors. Not just that. Knowing when to offer a product, and to which customer segment, is the equation for increasing wallet share, and building brand loyalty. Xelerate® can make this happen.
Supported by data analytics and customer behaviour indicators, our end-to-end solutions can help you identify opportunities for innovative products and enhanced value based offerings. Maximize opportunities that fit the right market segment. Both the short- and long-term. Accelerate execution of new product roll-outs. It’s all about right timing.

Make on-the-spot, real-time offers to your customers

The digital wave is sweeping through financial services, increasing the number of customer touchpoints. For cards services, that means mobile banking, e-commerce, social media, payment gateways, among others. The challenge for the industry: support its customers across their everyday needs—from routine to once-in-a-lifetime—through real-time services, both financial and nonfinancial. Across channels.
Xelerate® has a solution to this challenge. It offers a consolidated view of the customer – a single view – capturing all transaction history. Enabling real-time processing of information across channels, it reduces information silos. You can track your customer’s interactions, and make on-the-spot relationship based offers, allowing payment processes to be tailored to the required omni-channel purchasing experience.

Power business growth through the right decisions

Crafting a winning strategy for your business line is easy when you have the right data to bank on. Such data – about products and customers – needs to be accurate, easily accessible, and available in real-time.
Xelerate® brings you such capabilities. Along with analytics-based intelligence, it provides dashboards for easy monitoring of products and customer portfolios. Assess business revenue and performance based on live data. Rely on metrics to make informed decisions. Take the right steps at the right time to boost growth.

Create dynamic offers to meet exact customer needs

To compete with FinTech firms providing real-time payment services, banks must make investments across three layers: value added services, innovative offerings built on renewed infrastructure, and holistic solutions that keep the customer in focus. Ambitious as it may sound, the need of the hour is to embrace all the changes the financial services are undergoing.
Our award winning product suite, Xelerate®, is built to meet such market needs, with ease and efficiency. To orchestrate the most impactful customer experience, Xelerate® allows you to monitor the performance of your products and track your customers’ transactions. Use the dynamic segmentation abilities to create targeted value offers and meet their exact needs. All this, in real-time.

Improve customer loyalty by understanding their behaviour

In order to keep customers engaged and satisfied, it’s important that they access card products that are right for them. And that framework will change across the customers’ engagement lifecycle, their location, and needs. The key here is to track your customers’ behaviour and wallet share, and your product performance.
Xelerate® is competent with that. Along with an automated, centralised product portfolio, it gives you a clear 360-degree view of the customers. Use these inputs to match the right products to the right customers. Xelerate® even allows for intuitive product simulations that assist in its cost and benefit analysis. Thus, you can reduce attention on non-performing assets. And focus on those that work for customers, in the process, gaining their loyalty.

Innovate better products, gain better revenue

Today’s businesses face a three-fold challenge. Ever evolving economies. Digital disruption. Unpredictable product cycles. The best solution: innovative approaches to designing better services, finding new customer segments, and conquering all profitable opportunities. At the heart of it all – analytics.
Xelerate® helps you determine value propositions that are relevant to your customers, translate them into workable offerings, and provide options to accelerate revenue. All this through, intuitive dashboards that give you customer behaviour insights in real-time. Now, analyse planned versus actual outcomes through interactive views. Pre-empt market risk. Generate revenue.

On-board technology for better customer service

Technology is a fundamental component of processing payments. And innovation through technology is now more important than ever before. It not only allows providers to increase the range of payment methods and services offered to customers, but also allows organisational digitisation to reduce cost-to-serve.
Xelerate® is capable of such advanced technological functions. It is easily configurable, and adapts to a wide range of business models to meet complex business requirements. Technology agnostic, it is scalable to handle new-generation service deployment. Access and analyse information into multi-geography customer segments, or stay on top of regulatory needs. Xelerate® helps with it all.

Use the flow of information, to your benefit

The payments business is increasingly driven by information. Strategies and execution led by information insights can improve profitability, optimise revenue, and cut costs. This is made possible through flexible and targeted pricing and product strategies. All you need is a solution that can make it happen. Swiftly.
Such as Xelerate®. Capture as-is costs and compare with industry benchmarks to drive cost management. Optimise costs by enhancing straight through processing, to minimise manual intervention for repairs and investigations. You can also reduce the incidence of fraud, by our industry efficient risk management capabilities.

Improve customer centricity without core banking change

Banks spend most of their discretionary budgets on core banking upgrades, but rarely realise adequate benefits from it. For, such overhauls are time consuming, costly, and often inadequate to meet the market need for customer centricity.
Xelerate® brings agility and customer centricity to your operations, without the hassle of a core banking upgrade. It adds a middle layer between dynamic front-end customer solutions and stable core banking components. Advantages: improved responsiveness to market dynamics and greater operational efficiency. While saving your existing technology investments.

Invest in customer centricity, enhance your business value

The majority of investments in payments infrastructures currently remain focused on maintenance, regulation, and efficiency – rather than on innovation. The ability to appeal to meaningful customer segments, and to customise how services are sold and used, implies a new level of personalisation that is expected by customers today.

Xelerate® matches up to that expectation, with end-to-end value enhancement capabilities. It helps you maximise profitability, and improve customer service. By collating and analysing customer information, and transaction data via real-time straight-through processing. Achieve automation, and personalisation. Together.

Acquire customers that are profitable, engaged and insightful

Consumers today own several payment cards, and are overwhelmed with card solicitations. There is an overload of new offers. In this intensely competitive marketplace, you need innovative, cost-effective ways to attract new cardholders, and improve response rates to your communications across all channels.

Bank on Xelerate® to facilitate that. Undoing information silos across channels, it gives you the exact data you need, to understand what is working and what is not. You can now proactively cross-sell and enhance customer loyalty by bundling products across departments. Or even with upstream and downstream partners. Give customers what they need. With greater precision.

A full range of capabilities, to understand your customers

As much as we speak about data being the key to customer centricity, in itself it is not enough. The power of data lies in how it is used, and how the impact of that data is monitored. In essence, businesses today need to be able to launch contextual campaigns, targeted at specific pain points in market segments. All in real-time.

Xelerate® is a product suite that brings all these needs together, and delivers a customer experience that is strong, relevant, and tangible. Use Xelerate® to segment information by loyalty, lifestyle, attitudes and demographics, and then filter by geography and time. This approach enables an integrated suite of solutions that remove uncertainty and provide insights to improve your bottom line.

Mashreq Bank has had a very long and enduring relationship with SunTec. When we wanted to have a customer loyalty programme for our customers, we could not find a very simple solution or system to interact with all banking channels and get a 360 degree view of the customer. This is where SunTec stepped in with a pricing solution that allowed us to interact with all our banking channels and reward our customers for simply banking with us. This loyalty programme is one of the most successful programmes in the region and has worked very well for us in terms of revenue as well as increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

Mr. Thasherif Sait
Vice President, Customer Loyalty, Mashreq Bank

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