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Offer sharp, responsive services, driven by smart technology

While digital revolution has progressed steadily, financial services are still underinvested in replacing their legacy systems. And with FinTech players creating stiff competition, client preferences about corporate banks are changing. The need: fully integrated solutions, lean processes, and 24/7 access via internet and mobile devices.

Xelerate® enables you to manage such omni-channel experiences, seamlessly. Not only does it augment the capabilities of your legacy systems, but also allows your customers to move from channel to channel for their banking needs. Without having to move away from your financial institution. While getting superior customer experience.

Gain a holistic view of the customer to drive innovation

Corporate businesses don’t just seek products and services. They want banking partners to remain connected, understand their needs and offer timely, reliable advice. This orchestrates a fulfilling customer experience. But to provide it, banking partners and relationship managers need integrated view of customer data.

Be it about transactions and revenue metrics. Simulation of new offers. Or cross-product and business line loyalty program coordination, Xelerate® has you covered. What’s more, it ensures privacy and safety of information. With such holistic data at your finger tips, you can now make informed decisions that help you innovate and reduce market risk.

Align offers and services with client needs

As businesses grow, they expect streamlined pricing and billing solutions from their financial service providers. They also seek transparent but customised services, which are flexible enough to flow with market changes. All this, across geographies.

Xelerate® helps generate customised offers with inbuilt profitability controls. Simple product dashboard offers live profitability views by segment, customer, and product. Its deal management algorithm recognises customer relationship hierarchies and applies an apt aggregation to derive the best harmonized price. The underlying benefit – faster time to market, offers and solutions aligned with customer needs.

Access actionable data insights, with reduced information silos

There is growing realisation that banks have a wealth of information about their customers. But, they face a host of cultural, organisational, and technical silos, that prevent a ‘customer-first’ approach. The result: staggering losses in terms of revenue, customer segment, and market value.

Xelerate® helps you mitigate this. Weave together valuable customer data across channels, converting them into opportunity ready insight. Gain real-time, 360⁰ perspective of their contexts. Innovate offerings suited to it and create business differentiation. Reduce instances of bundling failures and losses with profitability simulations.

Centralise product management, spur innovation

Product innovation makes its mark when delivered at the right time. With financial services, creating and launching the right products faster is possible through access to a centralised product catalogue. A feature built into Xelerate® to smoothen out information silos.

Its smart features let you consolidate all product data in a single repository, ensuring a unified, single view for multiple stakeholders. Different owners can collaborate, creating product versions to serve across different sales and marketing channels. Since the product master also interfaces with policy, pricing, and billing information, it’s easy to layer this data onto the new product. Increase go to market speed. Reduce product development and maintenance costs.

Enable personalised offers across multiple touch points

The stickiness of corporate banking hinges on a crucial factor – the ability of banks to tweak and personalise offers, in response to the fast paced growth of their clients. Failure to do this could mean falling behind in market share, wallet share, and customer loyalty.

Xelerate® addresses this challenge for you. It lets you personalise offers for customers, based on live views of their preferences, and product as well as offer data. Orchestrate subsequent transactions across multiple touch points. Create a superior experience. Gain customer loyalty. And revenue too.

Implement this single solution for better customer retention

Business clients rate a bank’s ability to create innovative offerings and services as a key factor guiding their choice of banking partners. The need then for financial institutions: to make banking more customer centric, than product centric, such that customers are retained longer.

Xelerate®’s varied capabilities help you create customer experiences that constantly deliver value to them, throughout the lifecycle of their engagement. Rely on history, customer value, segment, and predictive models, to ensure banking impact. Create delight by aligning your products and services with their need.

Pre-empt risks by making market ready business decisions

To compete, financial institutions need constant profitability analysis, while making business strategies more customer centric. The marketing and selling approach also needs to be more contextual. The onus is on smart analytics to ensure that fraudulent practices are prevented, and market risks are assessed.

Xelerate®’s predictive and reflective analytics deliver exactly that. And more. Know your top performing products and most profitable customers; track customer commitments. Analyse planned versus actual outcomes through interactive and drilled-down views.

Offer exceptional deals to your customers – targeted and contextual

The nature of banking is no more about pushing services and information to customers. The need of the hour is to pull the customers towards a new financial services experience, that speaks of the customers’ needs and the banks’ ability to meet them. That’s exactly what Xelerate® does.

It lets you enhance customer satisfaction and generate more revenue, through flawless deal management. Craft the offer based on customers’ business requirements. And evaluate value of deals across products, to present the right deal at the right time. Xelerate® facilitates end-to-end offer management, including loyalty features and their redemption. It’s swift, flexible, and relevant.

Build stronger relationships, earn steady loyalty

Customer attrition is one of the most compelling challenges for banks, with client organisations aiming for partnership with multiple financial service providers. The need of the hour: better relationship management. It increases customer stickiness, and lets you spot opportunities to better cross-sell and up-sell products, which in turn enhances sales efforts.

Xelerate® is designed to make relationship management smoother and more effective. It looks into the entire offer management process, generates well suited proposals, supports both prospective and existing client tender management, and enables pricing negotiation support.

Gain greater visibility into the product lifecycle

Mere launch of products into the market does not meet the acute desire for customer engagement. Banks need to integrate their customer’s interaction with all individual offerings, thus undoing silos. Else, the product or business lines become an appendage, as opposed to enabler of value.

Xelerate®’s omni-channel perspective ensures you deliver such value. With a centralised database, it scans all phases of the product lifecycle. Right from ideation via real-time customer transaction tracking, to the intermediate stages of simulation, offer fulfilment, and real-time tracking. That’s customisation, at its best.

Use innovation to increase wallet share

Customer-centric innovation will soon be a powerful force transforming corporate banking. Players who get this right stand to gain a competitive edge. Not just differentiation in a crowded market. But greater customer mind share and wallet share too.

Xelerate® facilitates such innovation, offering deeper visibility into customer needs. Analytical insights – about customer behavior and products – showcase emerging opportunities. Read contextual cues. Design creative offers for different segments. Making innovation work for you is this simple.

Improve business growth with data-driven insights

Financial service institutions can embrace faster growth, when their operations match customer expectations. Ensuring the two are in tandem is also an impactful way of building and sustaining a competitive edge. A pre-requisite to achieve this: reliable information and the ability to harness it for decision making.

Xelerate® supports this need. It consolidates data from different channels, building valuable customer and product stories. Historic and predictive real-time analytics offer a granular picture of risks and potential. With such contextual insights, you can pre-empt risk and make informed decisions. Be it for customer acquisition. Market coverage. Or product innovation and launch.

Build and enhance customer relationships across geographies

Banks today need to leverage the full potential of their different channels to build 360° customer view and use the data meaningfully. For, the task is to drive profitability through more valuable customer relationships. Across segments and geographies.

Xelerate® facilitates an insightful omni-channel, 360° view of the customer, that helps manage relationships over the duration of their lifecycle. Backed by product, revenue, and profitability metrics, you can deliver the best deal to the right customer, every time. Improved loyalty. Business differentiation. Competitive advantage. Xelerate brings them all within reach.

Let transparency give your customer service an edge

Service quality is a key differentiator for the banking industry. When exceptional service is combined with transparency and efficiency, gaining customer trust and wallet share is easy. Allow Xelerate® to help here.

It integrates customer information across departments, providing real-time data to support regulatory compliance. Not just that. Your teams get easy and streamlined access to such data to create contextual and consolidated statements for customers. Respond to queries quickly. Use data-backed inputs to resolve doubts.

Enable organisational growth through a holistic product suite

The global economy is spurring banks to scale, and to access wider markets. The catalyst in all this – smart and enabling technology, that can undo silos, automate business lines, and make banking more accessible. However, such IT also needs to deliver superior ROI.

Xelerate® fits the bill here. With versatile capabilities that support all aspects of customer lifecycle operations, right from acquisition, offer management, deal implementation, analytics to reporting, it’s a single product suite with multiple benefits. Additional advantage: complete automation and quick implementation. Better ROI is now a reality.

Not just a technology upgrade, gain efficiency as well

With the on-boarding of technology into banks, the spectrum of needs underpinning success get wider. Technology if not efficient with operations, is a hindrance. Moreover, the volume and magnitude of client data in corporate banking demands precise data security.

Xelerate® serves the IT head’s agenda spot on. Enabling automated omni-channel orchestration, it monitors product lines and customer behaviour in real-time. It can also create automated workflows for SLA management. All this while enabling ever evolving regulatory compliance.

Design flexible deals, while being compliant.

The changing regulatory environment places banks under immense pressure. Be it in developed markets or emerging ones, you need to play by the rules. Transactions, offer management, reporting – it all needs to be on point.

Xelerate® facilitates that. It helps evaluate total deal value across all products (treasury, trade, lending), allows for price negotiations and adjustment, along with multi-currency simulation. It gets better. There is transparency with discount prices, with offer rate and interest rate range set-up. Real-time data about customers brings agility in reporting. Transparency is a natural outcome.

Implementation of SunTec’s product Xelerate helped us understand our customers and our pricing better. With SunTec’s expertise we were able to offer flexible pricing to our customers, plug revenue leakage and increase revenue.

Mr. Reinhard Furthmayr
Head of Financial Institutions, Commerzbank

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