GST Management

The implementation of GST Act, in India, has mandated that banks and financial institutions revisit the centralized aspect of recognizing revenues, procurement and credits. IT systems would need to be robust to serve the intended purpose of adhering to compliance and achieve credit efficiency, by timely and appropriate payment of taxes.

SunTec, through its flagship product Xelerate®, enables banks and financial institutions orchestrate transactions and the related complex taxation changes associated with the GST Act. The out-of-the box and end-to-end solution has been designed to de-clutter core engines and bring out the indirect taxation logic.

Here’s how

A robust future-ready roadmap ensures flexibility and future-readiness of the GST system

Xelerate® enables banks to implement GST regulation with a spectrum of pre-built, feature-rich functional modules that cover the impact on Input Tax, Output Tax & Compliance.

The solution is packed with the most vital features that a bank would require to ensure business continuity and unperturbed customer experience in spite of the quantum of operational changes.

SunTec’s Agile mode of delivery ensures faster time to market and can get your bank GST ready in 30 days!! Seamless integration capability with any IT environment further adds to the advantage.

End-to-end GST Transaction Management

With Xelerate®, you can enable your banking technology ecosystem to derive, segregate, and compute and account GST in a centralized manner, thereby ensuring effective receivable and accounting management. It allows easy parameterization rules to derive tax, irrespective of inter and intra-state combinations.

Enable your organization to centralize rules that need to be adopted for indirect tax collection.

Flexible GST invoicing and audit capabilities

Centralize computation of GST across center and state levels with the ability to drill down invoices and statements at various levels – be it customer/account/transaction levels.

Reduce margin of errors and non-compliance with the detailed record keeping and audit trail of transactions through the rule book, management of exemptions etc.

Business Assurance with intuitive dashboards

Reduce operational inefficiencies and plug revenue leakage with customizable dashboards that provide a 360⁰ view of the GST receivable and accounting management across products and services offered by the bank. Ensure informed decision making at the right time.


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