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Join the dots; deliver maximum value to customers

Customer centricity will be an imperative. Most banks recognize this. But require the tools to transform their operations from being product-centric, to being shaped around customer needs.

Xelerate® makes such transformations possible. Our award winning product suite lets you join all the critical dots – customer data, products, and pricing across multiple channels – to orchestrate a valuable experience for customers. And deliver greater value to them across the lifecycle of their engagement with you.

Drive an easy yet consistent experience with technology

Modern day retail banking will be defined by digital channels. But these channels need to complement the physical ones, creating seamless operations for customers. The opportunity for your bank: provide fluid, integrated services across these channels by deploying smart technology.

Be it engaging with customers on social media. Or facilitating remote deposit through mobile banking, Xelerate® helps in the digital banking realm, supporting multi-channel customer experiences. Built on a technology agnostic platform, it works well with legacy systems and collaborates well with third-party vendor capabilities. Ease of use. High-quality experience. For you as well as your customer.

Build business assurance based on the big picture

There’s an increasing amount of data available today – both within banks and externally (with customers, social media, and so on). Harnessing this data, in its various forms and from varied sources, will help your bank see the big picture. About its own operations. And the market landscape too.

Xelerate® undoes data silos within the organisation. It lets you consolidate, analyse, and use information to gain actionable insights. See how your products, pricing, and customers are doing. Respond dynamically to market conditions. Achieve superior revenue management and business assurance.

Break down silos for product optimisation

With customer preferences changing quickly, a quick phase out of the low performing products, and swift introduction of new ones is a must. Why? To meet the right customer, at the right time, through the right channel.

Such dynamic responses are possible when all relevant data is integrated, accurate, and easy to access. Enter Xelerate® with a centralised product catalogue. A single organisation-wide repository, it provides historical as well as real-time information about products. Including offers, pricing, and success rates. Armed with this, you can crunch time to market of new products. Reduce costs and efforts.

Design an experience, not just an offer

Today’s customers expect their banks to understand and anticipate their needs. And fulfil them just in time. The challenge for banks: integrate customer information with product management, to design offers and experiences that deliver lasting value.

One of Xelerate®’s most acclaimed features, is its ability to provide a 360 view of the customer – capturing behaviours, needs, and preferences. Use it to create contextual products and offers. Orchestrate subsequent transactions across multiple touch points. Be it home loan offers, investment needs, or saving options. Up-sell and cross sell with intelligent bundling.

Gain competitive advantage through agile responses

The success of banking transformation rests on making it customer centric, while being cutting edge. For, it helps beat competition. A preferred direction to make it happen – introduce the right pricing/ billing solutions at the right time, while reducing time to market of offers, and increasing stickiness.

Xelerate®, with customer segmentation and predictive analytical capabilities, helps you rationalise your products effectively. Reach the maximum number of customers, with the optimal number of products. Design dynamic offers, based on customer needs. Introduce context-based pricing to drive competitive advantage.

Offer the best deals to improve customer wallet share

Merely launching new products and services isn’t enough to capture market share. The success of these products rides on introducing them at the right time. And to the right customer segment. Capabilities you can acquire with Xelerate®, without disrupting your existing IT infrastructure.

Centralized product management and unified client data enable quick responses to market dynamics. Analytics facilitate informed decision making. Backed by such competencies, you can now pre-empt risks and deliver the best deal to each customer quickly. Result: increased customer wallet shares and mind share too.

Create happier customers who boost your business

Technology has increased the number of touch points with customers, gathering an exponential amount of data about their preferences and behaviours. The opportunity: interpreting this data to reveal the potential for your business and product lines.

Xelerate® ’s superior predictive and reflective analysis capabilities evaluate customer, product, and offer data. They point to sharp profitability dynamics, transaction histories, and emerging customer needs. Increase market agility by using these contextual insights to drive innovative offers. Personalise them in real-time to improve engagement. Or offer relationship based pricing. Happier customers. Higher returns.

Improve loyalty through multi-channel avenues

Channel innovations are proliferating. Be it video messages that connect customers to relationship managers, or personalised emails celebrating birthdays. Banks are making their way to customers, via multiple channels of engagement, playing the role of product showrooms, sales centres, and venues for expert financial advice.

Xelerate® is a bridge that facilitates the same experience, in as simplistic a manner as possible. Cutting across all channels of retail banking, it gives you a 360-view of the customer. Now, you can get a complete cost-to-serve per account, targeted customer interaction details, and serve a wide range of customer segments through multiple channels. Loyalty, delivered.

Orchestrate a consistent experience for customers across touch points

Better customer experience leads to better business. To create such an experience, your bank needs to give customers the convenience of anytime, anyplace interactions. Digital channels must sync with the physical. And present a fluid continuum of interactions.

Xelerate® lets you effectively manage customer and offer lifecycles in an omni-channel environment. It consolidates customer and product data across departments, and provides role-based access to this information to different teams, facilitating collaboration. From finding the right information, to deriving insights from it, and serving customers across channels – you can do it all effortlessly. Consistently.

Listen to the story your data tells

Customers’ transaction history contains valuable information about their purchasing and investment preferences. But lack of appropriate analytics has resulted in a fragmented view of this data. Result: banks are unable to provide accurate, customised rewards and solutions. Xelerate®’s historic and predictive real-time analytics enables you sift through the data incisively.

Be it simulation of new offers, versions of existing offers, revenue metrics or cross-product and business line loyalty program coordination, Xelerate® has you covered. Use the analysis to spot opportunities and threats. Make data driven decisions that reduce market risk and create business assurance.

Contextualize. Innovate. Serve.

What slows down innovation in retail banking and increases risk of product failure? An inability to interpret data, get actionable insights, and use it to map product performance with customer needs. Exactly the challenges our product suite helps you manage.

Real-time data analysis lets you explore the needs of different customer segments, delivering contextual insights. Apply it to create innovative offers. Layer it with the right pricing. Serve through channels of choice. Targeting customers with high-relevance solutions is this simple.

Make trust your business differentiator

The informed, new-age customer is here. And he expects trustworthy, high-value services from your bank. Services that are comparable not just with other banks. But also with players from other industries, where easy access, simple interactions, and upfront pricing information are the norm.

To meet such expectations, you need to build transparency into transactions. And share fee related data readily. Tasks made easy with Xelerate®’s centralised, automated pricing mechanism. It helps manage relationship-based pricing across geographies and segments, while ensuring regulatory compliance. Creating and sharing ‘no surprise’ fee structures is now easy.

Get customer data to work for you

How can your bank stay ahead in the age of intense competition? By leveraging data to anticipate and meet customer behaviour. Xelerate®’s smart analytics help consolidate customer information, assessing their past preferences and predicting future needs.

Such cues make it easy to develop right-fit products and offers. Which can then be offered at the right time. Through the right channels. Design high-impact marketing campaigns. Deliver superior customer experience. Drive revenue. All through the power of data.

Reward customers through personalized offers

A big challenge in rewarding customer loyalty, is not knowing whether the offered reward caters to the customer’s needs. Or even if it is offered at the right time. The outcome: possible customer dissatisfaction and reduced differentiation for your brand in a crowded market.

Xelerate® bridges the gap with granular data about your customer relationships. Real-time updates about products and offers complete the information flow. Use this to create contextual, personalised offers. Cross-sell and up-sell while rewarding customers with what they want.

Harness technology to improve efficiency

Banks look to adopt new technologies to gain efficiency. But are often saddled with long-drawn projects and implementation lags that hinder business. Things change with Xelerate®. It blends in with your legacy systems, without disrupting routine operations. And lets you improve the way you do business.

A holistic view of customer data and product status, across the enterprise. Automated pricing and billing mechanisms to reduce errors. Swift yet role-based access to information for different teams, to support customer needs. Xelerate® brings it all. Thus facilitating quicker, smarter operations. And improved efficiency across departments.

Get the most out of your IT investments

Legacy systems are no longer adequate to support today’s dynamic customer needs. This has pushed banks to upgrade their technology infrastructure, often piecing together multiple solutions to address customer relationship management, analytics, and reporting and compliance challenges. Xelerate® is uniquely designed to cater to these diverse needs.

The single platform delivers value across a range of operations – from customer acquisition to offer fulfilment and reporting. Automated workflows let you manage SLA obligations. Analytical insights improve decision making. Built to support stringent banking norms, Xelerate®’s multi-functional capabilities ensure maximum return from IT investments. With low implementation time and ease of use.

Drive transformation without affecting your core banking investments

Banks today need operational agility to meet changing customer expectations, and often rely on a core banking overhaul to deliver this. Such overhauls are time, effort, and risk intensive. A smart alternative: add a technology solution that brings you similar capabilities. Without disturbing the core banking layer.

Our product suite, Xelerate®, is designed to serve this need. It brings speed and efficiency into all aspects of your operations – customer-facing and back office – that add up to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Thus helping you build stronger customer relationships, drive revenues, and minimize risks. The benefits of core banking change. Delivered without the risks.

VakifBank caters to 10 million customers and 12 million accounts. In such a scenario, it is important to provide dynamic pricing across our customer channels. SunTec has helped us manage different functionalities in pricing management for our customers. Vakif Bank and SunTec have had a 4 year relationship wherein we have received the best support from Team SunTec and we look forward to a long-term partnership.

Ms. Deniz Ozyurek
Manager, Transformation Programme & Integration Lead, Vakif Bank

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