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Xelerate® is your partner in meeting role-specific challenges.

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Enhance customer appeal through dynamic offer design

Fast evolving customer preferences need to be met by equally fast responses from businesses. Customer stickiness relies on this. How can you deliver it? By creating and offering products that are contextual to them.

Xelerate® brings you this advantage, through swift, targeted reach of different customer segments. Gain market agility as you use live views of your customers’ needs, to design dynamic offers, and innovative product bundles. Launch new products and offer quickly. Offer better engagement. Increase loyalty.

Reduce market risks through incisive analytics

Business growth – customer acquisition, exploration of new market segments – involves some degree of risk. And it is aggravated by market volatility. But, despite of it all, it’s possible to pre-empt risks and make informed decisions. Through Xelerate®.

It brings advanced analytics to translate data into meaningful insights – about customers, products, and offers. Get a realistic picture of the product’s performance after launch, along with profitability views. Use this to reduce instances of product/ bundling failure. Prevent losses. Make sharper decisions.

Manage products effectively; reduce cost, risk, and effort

Legacy systems and organic growth of organisations creates technology infrastructure that is redundant in today’s digital landscape. A result of that: information silos about customer behaviour, product performance, offers, etc. It prevents you from creating a holistic experience for your customers.

Xelerate® counters that. It helps manage the product lifecycle – from creation to delivery and fulfilment – efficiently and quickly. Letting you consolidate product data in a single repository, ensuring a unified view for stakeholders. Now, collaborate across the ecosystem to create the right product and deliver it at the right time.

Keep up with digital transformation, sans a tech overhaul

The digital experience today’s customers seek is driven by personalisation, convenience, and a seamlessness of activities across channels. You need technology platforms that support such capabilities. Xelerate® can make this happen. It blends with your legacy systems, without disrupting them. And improves the way you do business.

Manage customers, products, and offers across their lifecycle. Create and deliver engaging multi-channel experiences, across geographies. Access a host of benefits. All through our single product suite. Thus facilitating quicker, smarter operations. And improved efficiency across departments.

Price your offerings to assure happier relationships

A single pricing and offer strategy for all markets that your business operates in, is likely to hinder its revenue and customer growth. The need of the hour: dynamic context-based pricing for all customers and partners to drive competitive advantage.

Xelerate® is built for such a context. Gain a complete picture of your customer relationships. Even simulate the products you wish to deploy, to assess profitability. Deploy value-based offers that are targeted and personalised. Use relationship-based pricing to further differentiate offerings.

Enhance time to market performance; sharpen competitive edge

The trend of digital transformation isn’t new. Though, the number of competitors and the range of offerings available to customers require all businesses to step up their game. And overcome legacy platforms as well as IT systems that are critical bottlenecks in time-to-market, quality, and innovation of services.

Xelerate® helps you navigate this. It’s simple to integrate into your existing systems. A centralised product catalogue allows for simulation and quick launch of products. While open APIs facilitate plug and play partnerships, letting you collaborate with players from different industries to create new products and services. Reach the market faster. With better product bundles.

Build a business that’s efficient across locations

Establishing international market presence not only helps you find better partnerships and more profitable market segments, but also improves your overall value proposition. The need: to design services for global markets across geographies, and set yourself apart by offering true value to customers.

Xelerate® can help. A holistic value management product suite with multi-entity, multi-currency, multi-lingual, and multi-time zone features, it serves global markets. What’s more, it sits between your product systems and customer channels, without disrupting your existing technology landscape. You get the capabilities to manage product and customer lifecycles, across channels and locations. And run global operations efficiently.

Deploy relationship based services, create optimal experiences

As enterprises evolve to meet the modern day customer’s needs and understand his preferences, customer centricity is one factor that can ensure business success. The challenge: to offer the right product, at the right time, across a customer’s life cycle, and drive satisfaction.

Xelerate®’s capabilities can make that happen. Use historic and predictive analytics to derive insights about customer needs. Gain not just mindshare, but also greater wallet share, by cross-selling and up-selling products. You can even reward customers for loyalty through relationship-based pricing, policy, and offers, thus building business differentiation.

Drive strategic growth backed by analytics

Your business growth relies on the decisions you make. Be they about products, offers, customers, or pricing. Making the right decisions is easy, when you can integrate vital data from different sources, and see a clear picture of risks and opportunities.

Xelerate® lets you do exactly that. Through consistent access to consolidated data about customers, products, transactions, and pricing. Historic and predictive analytics offer sharp insights about customer and product behaviour. It is real-time analytics combined with agile policy management. See the big picture. Respond quickly to changing trends. Counter risks.

Acquire customers that are profitable and engaged

In a global marketplace that is hyper connected, the opportunities of finding new customer segments are numerous. So are the possibilities of serving and retaining them. The best way to spot these possibilities – intelligent data analytics. It drives strategic advantage.

That’s where Xelerate®’s predictive and reflective data analytics help. They provide a comprehensive dashboard, consolidating customer and product data from multiple channels. Access customer insights in real-time. Track, consolidate, and categorise their behaviour. Obtain analysis of historical data and planned-versus-actual outcomes.

Reward customer loyalty, drive business stickiness

Customers today choose to interact with businesses across multiple channels – in-person, mobile, social media, emails, etc. How can you then create a holistic and satisfying experience for them, such that they engage more with you and help you gain better wallet share?

Through Xelerate®’s capability to undo information silos. Gain a complete picture of your customer relationships; deploy value-based offers that are targeted and personalised. You can bundle offers from your and partner’s portfolio, to deploy the best fit deals. In real time. Result: increased loyalty and revenue.

Build alliances across borders, position your business for success

Businesses today need to leverage the full potential of their different channels, to build 360° customer view and use the data meaningfully. Not just that. To gain deeper market reach, businesses also need to build strategic partnerships. Across industries, and segments.

Xelerate® can make that real. An industry agnostic platform, it is easy to integrate with multiple systems. Including the ones your partner organisations might have. On-board partners at local, regional, and global levels. Collaborate seamlessly to create the right service bundles for your customers. Also get a single, 360-degree view of your partnerships, to manage them effectively.

Usher in capabilities to support your digital strategy

Enterprises are headed towards digital transformation, to ensure customer satisfaction, sustain service differentiation, and stay relevant in the market. Thus, you need capabilities to support the transformation, while keeping costs low, and operations efficient.

Xelerate® supports such a transformation. It undoes product and process information silos, and creates a master database of information. Gain full transparency across transactions. Access a single, consolidated version of product and customer behaviour truth. With such visibility over the right data, making the right decisions to fuel customer satisfaction and create business differentiation is easy.

Manage partnerships effectively, enable seamless growth

A global market reach demands collaborations and partnerships that span across geographical borders. And smart technology is the best enabler for such business requirements. But can it be done without an upheaval of currents systems, and keeping costs low.

Yes. With Xelerate®. Manage global, regional, and local partner relationships, across geographic and organisational boundaries. Its consolidated dashboard gives you a holistic 360-degree view of the partnership. Along with open APIs and industry agnostic platform, it is seamlessly scalable in a cross-industry ecosystem. Now, deeper market reach is possible.

Achieve steady compliance, effortlessly

With the economic environment constantly changing, the regulatory demands on businesses change too. In this scenario, a business’s ability to remain compliant and transparent determines how much credibility they can establish. Allow Xelerate® to help you.

You can create full transparency across transactions and master data to enable compliance to relevant regulatory requirements. You can automate operations and access better quality of data for analytics and reporting. All of which add to your credibility and increase customer trust.

See how Xelerate® can better your business:

We’ve orchestrated 74% revenue growth for a client, and a 300% hike in return on investment. Do you aim for such impact?