Xelerate enhances customer loyalty and retention in the age of rapidly changing customer preferences, leading to enterprise revenue growth

It is important for enterprises today to map out a definitive loyalty strategy to assure long-term competitive advantage. But organisations today treat loyalty programs as a separate entity to relationship-based pricing, and hence lose out on customer wallet share. SunTec’s loyalty function is ingrained with our relationship-based pricing, and can be applied across enterprises and products for each customer.

Xelerate’s loyalty functionality enables organisations to reward and retain existing customers by enabling enterprises to understand and evaluate each individual relationship. Regardless of the complexity of account hierarchies and related product bundles, Xelerate’s campaign automation functionality ensures faster time-to-market with quick launch of effective loyalty campaigns. It improves the impact of loyalty programs, retaining valued customers, attracting new customers through cross-sell and driving customer-centric programs to facilitate end-to-end customer engagement.

Enable superior customer engagement

Xelerate’s total relationship loyalty programs enable your bank to establish a 360° view of the customer by looking holistically across multiple dimensions such as customer relationship value, relationship tenure and product ownership and usage. It allows you to take into account the end-to-end customer relationship while creating a loyalty plan, right from plan definition, computation to redemption.

Segment your customers accurately and choose multiple reward types and personalise them for each and every customer. Deliver a “fair deal” to your customers and create superior experiences to create loyalty and eventually lead to larger share of customer wallet.


Increase average revenue per customer

With Xelerate®, you can pre-empt what your customer actually needs, with greater visibility into fees and rates. It provides flexibility to design and launch various loyalty programs, as an extension of fees calculation, thus increasing customer wallet share and satisfaction.

Xelerate provides flexibility to define rewards in multiple ways and accumulate through multiple avenues. Reduce cost overruns through pre-campaign cost-benefit analysis and plug revenue leakage by real-time tracking of the program. This way, your loyalty programs can impact both top and bottom lines directly

Bring in agility to your customer retention strategies

Xelerate is highly flexible and can be easily integrated with multiple customer channels, including branches, websites, tablet devices and mobile devices. The transaction processing engine can be scaled up to handle billions of transactions as well as surges in customer volume or product offerings. It allows your bank to implement effective customer retention strategies across various lines of business and complex account hierarchies.

Xelerate has a service- orientated architecture (SOA) that allows for seamless integration with existing legacy systems reducing time from construction to launch of loyalty schemes.

See how Xelerate® can better your business

We have enabled the largest bank in Netherlands to be able to collect data from different sources in different formats and transmission methods, whilst automating the consolidation of data to get a global view of the customers.