Innovate and personalise on products to stay relevant to your customers and ahead of the competition

Enterprises have continued to innovate on customer-centricity and are adopting digital technologies as well. Acquiring customers and orchestrating engagement to enhance their lifetime value is number one priority for the enterprises. Due to increasing customer needs and the legacy core systems, enterprises are neither able to innovate and personalise on products nor bring in a human-centered approach. As such, the future of product innovation is all about the ability to understand and respond to customer’s larger needs with offerings from internal & external ecosystems.

Enterprises of the future have to become customer owners to stay ahead of the disruptors in the market. With Xelerate® product management, you can easily create a differentiation for yourself by understanding your customers better and offering them products from not only your own repository but also from the ecosystem; products which cater to their exact needs

Pre-integrated product catalogue enables enterprises to manage products in a centralised way

Xelerate® Product Catalogue enables enterprises to manage all business products and services in a centralised repository and streamline product management. It is the single gold standard of all products & services from internal and external ecosystems.

Our Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables fast integration with enterprise-wide ecosystem to provide a single, master catalogue. It provides a single view of all products available at your bank, in a logically grouped manner, and allows you to showcase relevant ones as per customer needs.

Create unlimited product possibilities in a balanced way

Banks today are constrained with limited product offerings. Xelerate® product management provides you the ability to create different product versions for customers in a balanced way. It enables creation of products with different combination of services, and product variations for each and every customer.

Xelerate® helps creation of products on the fly, thus helping organisations to spontaneously identify products through a need based analysis. It also ensures that new products do not cannibalise existing products, and defines if there are any dependent or conflicting products/services.

Create human-centered need-based products

Organisations today need to understand the larger objective when it comes to fulfilling customer demands. Xelarate® enables you to put your consumer’s needs first when tackling their issues. Our analytical engine helps you understand their biggest problems and pain points, and helps you envision a product they’d embrace.

Xelerate® enables organisations to enhance their offerings to customers beyond just the core products, and leads to enhanced customer engagement and wallet share. This allows banks to be the customer owner in the true sense.

See how Xelerate® can better your business

We have enabled the largest bank in Netherlands to be able to collect data from different sources in different formats and transmission methods, whilst automating the consolidation of data to get a global view of the customers.