Revenue Management transformation can give you the new edge

Challenges faced by Travel Management Companies (TMCs) globally

Corporate travel demand is growing, owing to the strong global economy. With the proliferation of technology, this sector continues to witness disruption across. Barriers to entry are almost non-existent making travel an extremely competitive market. This is forcing established players to protect & grow their market-share. Lack of flexibility of the legacy systems is adding to the challenge as the Travel Management Companies (TMCs) are not able to react to the competition faster.

There is intense competition between suppliers & players as well, putting pressure on pricing and transactions. Airlines have reduced commissions and overrides, adding to the woes of TMCs. Transaction fee is the main source of revenue and thus has become major criteria for negotiation. The current manual processes take a long time and are prone to errors. A complete overhaul of the revenue management system is the need of the hour for the TMCs.

SunTec can help TMCs address the challenges

SunTec’s next-generation revenue management system can provide TMCs the new edge while working with their legacy systems. With Xelerate, TMCs can build new capabilities on the existing infrastructure to transform, optimize and grow their business. SunTec can provide the below benefits:

  • Work along with legacy systems as over the top solution
  • Improve revenues and reduce operational inefficiencies
  • Adopt complex pricing to suit any business model
  • Automate your processes and reduce manual errors
  • Right insights and simulations, thus enabling better sales negotiation capabilities

Read on to find out the product features.


Create win-win deals with the Deal Management features

In complex business scenarios, where the deals involve multiple parameters, creating the right deal which stands out as a win-win for both you and the client is extremely important. Creating one-sided deals could translate to either losses for you or unhappy customers thus leading to customer churn. Xelerate offers you with comprehensive deal management system which can address these challenges. Some of the highlights as below:

  • Historical data based insights help understand customer preferences and deal popularity
  • Bringing agility in the sales negotiation process with simulation capability
  • Ability to manage and track the end-to-end deal life cycle
  • Automated process to implement the won deals

Automate your client settlements; make it faster and error-free

Some of the features as below:

  • Support for multi-language, multi-currency bills and invoices
  • Bulk settlement generation and pattern based selective settlement review to ensure quick revenue realization
  • Capability to re-generate open/closed settlements for easier dispute resolution
  • Invoice payment management
  • Consolidate the bills through parent-child hierarchy

Manage contracts, calculate fees & revenue shares

Some of the other functionalities of Xelerate which makes it a comprehensive product include:

Client contract management

  • Easy client contract creation with automated alerts for contract management
  • Group-based or hierarchy based personalization for contracted rates

Automated fee calculation, expense share, and revenue share

  • Commitment-based automated revenue share crediting
  • Business rule-based expense share debiting

Dashboards powered by analytics

  • Powerful and flexible analytic tools
  • Configurable reporting for various levels


Xelerate®, our award-winning product, will provide TMCs the new edge

Create innovative deals driven by past insights and simulations. Improve profitability by revamping your revenue management systems. This, while improving efficiencies and reducing costs by transforming to the automated system. Our consistent R&D initiatives keep the product suite relevant and fresh. So you can stay agile and a step ahead of the competition.


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15 billion
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45 countries
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