Xelerate®, our award winning product suite, helps achieve customer experience orchestration

Leading global banks have leveraged Xelerate® to drive customer experience and thus increase the life time value of the customers. You can create innovative and personalized offerings in real-time, backed by intelligent insights from customer data. Pre-empting and managing risks will also lead to improved profitability. Our consistent R&D initiatives keep the product suite futuristic to match the needs of the changing industry landscape. You can stay agile and a step ahead of competition. Our customers will vouch for this.

Acquire and retain customers, smartly, successfully

Xelerate® is designed for responding to dynamic customer needs, swiftly and smartly. Its holistic approach to increasing customer lifetime value lets you acquire, serve, and retain customers with greater precision. An omni-channel perspective generates unique insights about a wide range of customers. Use it to design targeted, context-based offerings quickly, thus increasing your market agility.

What’s more, Xelerate® helps you manage customer relationships across geographical boundaries. Allowing you to even deliver contextual and consolidated statements that improve transparency and build trust.
Resulting competitive advantage – greater loyalty, lesser revenue leakage. Across services. Across geographies.

Improve engagement through real-time customer experience orchestration

Xelerate® gives you a single, holistic view of customers, based on the 360-degree data captured through our platform. Moreover, our capabilities integrate this data with offers and products, undoing information silos. All that you need to create real-time, personalised offerings and drive customer engagement is at your finger tips.

Make data-driven decisions that pre-empt risk. Become the preferred partner for your customers, by delivering flexible engagement options across channels. Xelerate® even lets you apply relationship based pricing to increase lifetime value from each customer.

Blends into your existing eco-system and enhances it

A flexible, technology agnostic platform makes Xelerate® a smart choice for businesses. Built with a service oriented architecture (SOA), it works seamlessly with your upstream and downstream systems, including legacy ones. Scalability, smooth operations, and pertinent upgrades through on-point R&D – it’s all there.

Xelerate® integrates product and customer information across all your organisational silos. And extracts actionable insights from data, that help drive business innovation. End result: a holistic product and customer management experience that connects the entire value chain, helping enterprises own the eco-system. Easy on the hardware, razor sharp with performance.

Trusted by the best companies

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By using SunTec’s product Xelerate®, we were able to bring about a good level of transparency both internally as well as externally. We were able to better understand the prices we apply to our customers and in turn customers were able to better understand what we were offering. Through a single database, we are able to react faster to a customer resulting in better customer satisfaction. Overall, we have had a very good and interesting experience working with SunTec.

Ms. Marion Kleiss
Senior Product Manager – MSB -FI, Commerzbank

Implementation of SunTec’s product Xelerate® helped us understand our customers and our pricing better. With SunTec’s expertise we were able to offer flexible pricing to our customers, plug revenue leakage and increase revenue.

Mr. Reinhard Furthmayr
SVP & Head-Financial Institutions, Products & Marketing at Commerzbank

Vakif Bank caters to 10 million customers and 12 million accounts. In such a scenario, it is important to provide dynamic pricing across our customer channels. SunTec has helped us manage different functionalities in pricing management for our customers. Vakif Bank and SunTec have had a 4 year relationship wherein we have received the best support from Team SunTec and we look forward to a long-term partnership.

Ms. Deniz Ozyurek
Manager, Transformation Programme & Integration Lead, Vakif Bank

Mashreq Bank has had a very long and enduring relationship with SunTec. When we wanted to have a customer loyalty programme for our customers, we could not find a very simple solution or system to interact with all banking channels and get a 360 degree view of the customer. This is where SunTec stepped in with a pricing solution that allowed us to interact with all our banking channels and reward our customers for simply banking with us. This loyalty programme is one of the most successful programmes in the region and has worked very well for us in terms of revenue as well as increasing customer engagement and loyalty. The SunTec product roadmap is aligned to what Mahsreq Bank wants to do going forward and I’m confident this will empower the bank to have more productive, accurate and targeted campaigns towards our customers

Mr. Thasherif Sait
Vice President, Customer Loyalty, Mashreq Bank

The SunTec team is an extremely professional one, we have a wonderful partnership with SunTec. They have been extremely supportive in helping us manage our huge volumes of customer accounts. They are always available and their ability to handle difficult situations with extreme patience is really commendable. They go the extra mile to achieve accurate results. We are extremely happy with the new product roadmap and believe that our requirements will be met that will help us differentiate ourselves in the market.

Mr. Murat Kahraman
Business Analyst, Transformation Programme, Vakif Bank

SunTec has helped us implement dynamic pricing for our customers. Vakif is one of the major banks in Turkey and it is not easy to manage a huge volume of customers and accounts. It is important to keep track of customer attributes and activities online, understand their requirements and price them accordingly. We are able to provide dynamic pricing to our customers using SunTec’s Xelerate. We are extremely happy with the team at SunTec. It’s been an amazing journey with each one of the associates working with us. They always find a way to help us in times of need and are always available. As always, it is a pleasure to work with SunTec.

Mr. Sefa Kayra Selçuk
IT Analyst, Core Banking Dept, Vakif Bank

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