Transform into the Bank of Tomorrow with Customer-centric Strategies

Elevate your business to new heights with robust revenue and pricing management, a thriving partner ecosystem, and advanced customer data management capabilities.

To become a resilient and profitable bank of the future, financial institutions must embrace radical change with bold new strategies and business models. SunTec Xelerate can help banks accelerate their transformation journey, integrate seamlessly into their customers’ lives, embrace diverse business models such as platforms, and foster the agility and scalability to roll out personalized offerings.

Reimagining the Bank of the Future

The business of banking is facing significant disruption at a scale not experienced before. According to a BCG report, banks are unlikely to return to valuations and profitability levels reported before the current global financial crisis. However at least $7 trillion in value can be created in the next five years if they can capture a large portion of expected growth and improve price-to-book ratios.  Banks can no longer approach transformation incrementally and must take a holistic look at the entire organization to achieve goals, drive economic growth, and create lasting shareholder value.

This will be possible only if banks can move beyond merely facilitating the flow of money to becoming trusted financial advisors that are integral to customers’ lives. Banks must move from reacting to market changes to proactively disrupting the market to their advantage. This requires an unerring focus on customer centricity.

The bank of tomorrow will be ubiquitous, intuitive, and deeply embedded within the customer’s life. They will operate with the constantly evolving customer at the core of all their strategies and deliver not just a hyper personalized, but also a contextual experience. They must be agile and scalable to stay ahead of emerging competition and must innovate with new business and operational models.

The challenges facing the sector are manifold, but with the right technology foundation, organizations can transform to the bank of the future with ease.

The Challenges

Evolving customer expectations and demands

Regulatory changes – additional capital and liquidity requirements for higher risk

Increasing competition – fintechs, new age banks, tech giants

Rapidly evolving technology landscape

Geo-political tensions

Global economic slowdown

Suntec xelerate

How SunTec Can Aid Banks in this Transformation Journey

  • Easily deploy a technology foundation that is modular, cloud native, scalable, sustainable, and agile: SunTec Xelerate can be deployed as an over-the-top middle layer over the legacy banking cores, eliminating the need for expensive, and risky legacy core modernization efforts.

  • Follow a data-first strategy to deliver customer-centric offerings: Understand customer requirements better by leveraging data already captured. And use the insights to roll out contextual and hyper-personalized offerings that meet customer needs.

  • Adopt new innovative banking models: Leverage the agility, scalability, and end-to-end partner management capabilities of SunTec Xelerate to explore emerging business models such as Banking-as-a-Platform. Choose to become a service provider or the orchestrator of a comprehensive customer-centric ecosystem.

SunTec Offerings

See how we combine components of SunTec Xelerate to create specific solutions for digital transformation, revenue management, customer experience orchestration and partner ecosystem management.

Relationship-based Pricing

Enhance customer relationships, share of wallet and operational efficiency through differential and automated pricing. Analyze customer data in real time and deliver context- specific offers at the right time.

Enterprise Product Management

Create and maintain optimized product portfolio with extreme agility. It comes pre-integrated with the relationship-based pricing module and can be seamlessly integrated with core applications.


Billing & Invoicing

Allows financial institutions to manage all their billing and invoicing requirements including complex charging situations for customers availing multiple products and services. Provides a consolidated statement from across multiple business lines.

Deal Management

Manage the complete deal lifecycle of all the contracts in the enterprise, across products and businesses. Use a single source of truth to streamline and simplify complex negotiations across different geographies, increase profit margins, ensure price transparency and policy compliance.
Track your customers’ lifetime journey, get a complete view of the relationship and make highly personalized offers. You can even bundle offers from other partners in your ecosystem to make an offer your customers just can’t refuse.

Loyalty Management

Determine the true value of every customer relationship regardless of the complexity of your account hierarchies and product bundles and launch effective loyalty programs. Combine your loyalty program with relationship-based pricing, identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities and improve customer retention.

Open Banking Monetization

Embrace the open banking economy – add new business models and revenue sources. Our easy to manage partner ecosystem allows you to transition from being a mere utility provider to a true value aggregator.


Your one-stop-solution for all GST and VAT regulatory compliance requirements. Configurable framework that seamlessly integrates with business systems across organizational silos, covering tax determination, invoicing, return filing and reporting.
Accelerating your digital transformation journey has never been this simple!

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