Our partners help us unlock the true potential
of SunTec Xelerate and deliver the full value of
our solutions across the globe. Let’s join hands to
create an engaging proposition that will help our
clients succeed.

We play multiple roles for you.

Our partnership program supports collaborative initiatives tailor-made for each market and partner. Access highly evolved and cost-effective training programs for pre-sales and professional services. Gain pre-sales and consulting support, through the lifetime of the partnership.



Give your clients the strategic guidance they need to build a customer-centric business. Our product suite with proven functionalities fits into multiple business models and scenarios. Cross-geography market strategy, innovative roadmap, all this and more.


Enhance the value of your offerings with SunTec Xelerate. SunTec Xelerate’s micro-services-based architecture enables smooth integration with existing systems. Our product suite can be deployed quickly, bringing faster RoI. Flexible revenue share models complete the benefits.


Bridge gaps in your client’s IT ecosystem with our powerful, world-class product suite. We offer flexible product delivery for your clients; swifter returns for you. Add to it: a partner experienced with global product implementation. That makes SunTec Xelerate a great choice.


Increase the reach of your products, with strong alliances that help you access a wider market. Join hands with us. A partner-first attitude. Flexible, it can meet varying client requirements. Faster deal closure and revenue generation are the results.

At SunTec, we take pride in being trusted partners with our collaborators and clients. We believe that the most impactful businesses prosper through complementary partnerships. Thus, our partner program offers a range of possibilities that enables companies to adapt to changing markets, technological advancements and meet customer needs. With us, build relationships that are meaningful, responsive and productive.


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