CSR at SunTec

Sustainable Development is the key to long term growth. At SunTec, we believe in actively
contributing back to the society for effective social change and embracing long-term social


We identify projects based on the impact potential. There are teams that work in tandem with the top management team to identify deserving projects.


Once the projects are identified it is executed by teams led by leaders who take charge of the entire activity and ensure that the activity is conducted with maximum effectiveness.


We talk to beneficiaries of social projects and quantify the impact created.

SNEHA Sponsors 15 Bicycles to the Girls in Kuttanad

In Kuttanad the roads are very narrow and uneven, and the possible means of transportation is two wheelers in most of the places. Because of the financial challenges, some of the families are unable to afford bicycles for their girl children going to schools and colleges. Knowing the situation in this place, SNEHA sponsored 15 bicycles to the girls in this area which had helped them in big way.

SunTec SNEHA Participates in Blood Donation Drive

SunTec SNEHA actively participates in blood donation drives. SunTec SNEHA was recognized for providing tremendous support towards the monthly blood donation drive as part of Project 365 conducted by Terumo penpol along with Tejus and All Kerala Blood Donors Society.

SunTec SNEHA Hastam Activity Supported Rebuilding Kerala

The SunTec SNEHA Hastam activity supported rebuilding Kerala last year and it continues this year too. Last year we provided our support to flood relief camps at Wayanad, Pathanamthitta, Thiruvananthapuram and Ernakulum. We provided sleeping mats, cooking utensils, clothes, essentials and so forth. In addition to this we helped people in Kavalam Panchayat, Kerala in setting up water tanks and donated in the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund.

SunTec SNEHA Distributes School Kits to the Children of Our Support Staff

In May 2019 SunTec SNEHA distributed school kits to the children of our support staff. This activity is conducted every year. The school kit included books, pens, pencils, erasers, geometry box and steel water bottle (1lt) along with a Rs.1000 gift voucher that was handed over to each child to assist them in buying other essential items.

SNEHA Visited “NAMASTE – Wings to Fly”

During the week before Onam, few of us representing SNEHA visited “NAMASTE – Wings to Fly” (NAMASTE is a non-profitable, non-religious and non-political organization, started in 2000 as an alternative solution to orphanages, head quartered at Vellanad, Thiruvananthapuram) and spent an evening with the lovely kids and their care takers.

SNEHA Volunteers Visited Ananda Nilayam Orphanage & Widow’s Home

In September 2019, a team of SNEHA Volunteers visited Ananda Nilayam Orphanage & Widow’s Home, Kuriyathi, Trivandrum, to celebrate Onam with the inmates.
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Sustained Celebration of DaanUtsav

Popularly known as the ‘Festival of Giving’, this annual event is celebrated by corporate India. SNEHA undertook a challenge during this annual event, to inspire each SunTec employee to contribute to the cause of eliminating hunger. We sponsored one-time grocery kits for over 500 families in Kerala. We also supported 54 other families with monthly grocery kits, for one year.

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Promoting Learning Among Children

One of our key initiatives is to promote long-term education among the children of our support staff. To facilitate this, we provide financial support and mentorship to deserving students. Our support for education is not limited to this. We’ve helped Bharatiya Vidya Gramam, a school on the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram, improve its infrastructure by providing financial assistance.

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Supporting Sustainability Initiatives

Going beyond the cause of education, SunTec’s employees also believe in sustainability programs that make our planet smile. An example of that is Earth Hour. We encourage individuals to use electricity/ technology strategically, giving rise to an intentional usage plan. We undertake this practice annually, in the month of March.
SNEHA was drawn to launch the Go-Green Project in 2012, which supports the cause of a healthier, thriving environment. We’ve initiated a series of efforts, like introducing green, eco-friendly products, reduced printing where possible, energy conservation practices, as well as organizational energy audits.
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Relief Efforts for Victims of Natural Disasters

In 2015, several parts of the city of Chennai were washed out due to unprecedented floods. SunTec, with its Chennai office employees leading the efforts, launched a range of relief and rehabilitation initiatives. Providing easy access to core amenities, we not only distributed healthy, hygienic food and water to multiple neighborhoods, but also set-up medical camps in schools, and distributed clothing/ blankets.
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Creating Sustainable Access to Clean Water

In collaboration with students of IIM – Kochi, SunTec spearheaded a social development project at a tribal colony in Uthimoodu, Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. Though the tribal community of 26 families had sustained themselves well, a persistent issue they had was scarcity of water. Our project addressed this, by digging a borewell, providing electric pumps, as well as installing overhead tanks at the houses.
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Running for a Cause

TrivandRUN is an annual charity run. It is hosted by SARSAS (Save A Rupee, Spread A Smile), to raise funds for patients who need financial assistance for treatment of critical health issues. Team SNEHA with 200 runners from SunTec, has been participating in this marathon for 3 years now, to create awareness and raise funds for cancer patients of Regional Cancer Centre, Thiruvananthapuram. We have also participated in the Mumbai Marathon, which is one of the biggest marathons in Asia.
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Celebrating Festivals to Spread Cheer

To create an environment of joy and hope, team SNEHA celebrated ONAM, a cultural festival from Kerala, with children from Bal Sadanam – a foster care home. Our volunteers engaged with the children for an entire day, through activities of Pookkala, Onnasadya and Onakkodi.