Enterprise Indirect Taxation Management

Comply with all indirect taxation requirements through an enterprise solution for all aspects of taxation.

Why Xelerate?

Xelerate is uniquely designed as a digital innovation middle layer and can easily integrate with the bank’s existing technology landscape. It is an out-of-the-box solution designed to de-clutter core systems, extract the indirect taxation logic and ensure smooth journey towards indirect tax (GST and
VAT) compliance. It comes equipped with pre-set rules and definitions that can be easily parameterized. More importantly, Xelerate’s configurable framework ensures the shortest turnaround to accommodate frequent regulatory changes.


Centralized Management

Simplifies processes and eliminates complexity by centralizing management

End-to-end Management

Support for the end-to-end process including input tax, output tax, returns management

Highly Flexible Framework

Flexible and configurable allowing maintenance and easy management of frequent regulatory changes

Automated Data Generation

Automated end-to-end process with minimal manual intervention

Correction and Refund Management

Optimized management of refund and corrections

"Businesses need a centralized platform to manage tax segregation, accounting, invoicing and exemptions to achieve compliance."

With over 200 indirect tax features pre-packaged into a simple and effective product, Xelerate is uniquely designed as an out-of-the box solution for compliance management. It can easily be set up as a comprehensive taxation solution that can de-clutter core systems, bring out the indirect taxation logic and ensure a smooth journey towards regulatory compliance.


Eliminate complexity by centralized management of tax determination rules across diverse business systems
Centralize and standardize through an enterprise-level capability across all geographies and entities
Be ahead of the volatile regulatory framework with the hyper-agile framework that enables smooth transition
Manage high volumes through high scalability and real-time processing capabilities
Reduce cost of tax determination and reporting with automated processing and reconciliation facilities
Mitigate risk through end-to-end traceability and rules driven control with auditability

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