Deal Management

Automate end-to-end deal management process, provide flexibility to create customer specific deals, mitigate conduct risk and reduce revenue leakage while ensuring price transparency and policy compliance.

Why Xelerate?

Xelerate Deal Management is an enterprise platform for organizations to manage the sales process right from the construction of the proposal through to the negotiation and closure of the deal. It enables organizations to streamline and automate the process by bringing in the required transparency and measurability. It ensures a data-driven deal process that enhances transparency, significantly improves the sales process, simplifies complex negotiations, improves the quality of revenue, and streamlines downstream billing operations.


Personalized Deals

Enables creation of specific, choice-driven deals for each customer

Enterprise Level Platform

Centralized capability to manage complex cross product and cross entity deals

Intelligent Deal Pricing

Simulate expected revenue, profits based on throughputs and price points to drive negotiations

Compliance Driven Workflows

Fully automated workflow and notifications as well as multi-level, sequential and parallel approvals

Intuitive User Experience

Intelligent UX based on persona allowing ease of use and contextual interaction

Ease of Integration

Automated implementation of the deal ensures synchronization with downstream pricing and billing systems

"Ensure organizational profitability by plugging revenue leakage effectively."

Through centralized management of information, Xelerate provides a de-cluttered, yet detailed view of every deal, irrespective of multi-entity and multi-geography structures of customer enterprises.
Intuitive simulators within Xelerate assist in cost-benefit analysis of all deals, well before presenting it to customers. Real-time analytical dashboards further enable revenue monitoring through commitment and deal performance tracking.


Drive customer choice by offering contextual solutions
Mitigate conduct risk and promote fairness by right pricing for all products and services
Reduce cost through automation of the end-to-end process including deal implementation
Drive overall relationship value through cross bundle offers and benefits
Enhance the sales process by providing the right insights for each stage of the process
Reduce operational risks and improve controls through conditional approvals and centralization of the entire process

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