Count on our vertical focused, products and solutions

SunTec’s products and solutions based on our cloud-native and cloud-agnostic, API first, micro-services-based platform, Xelerate enables organizations to gain deep insights about their customer behavior, create dynamic customer segments, provide hyper-personalized products, offers, pricing, loyalty programs and billing, plug revenue leakage, and enhance customer experience.
Here’s How Our Products & Solutions Can Help You

Our products and solutions help banks and financial services organizations to adopt digital transformation without replacing their legacy core systems. Banks can build the robustness of the existing legacy core and enhance it by adding sophisticated customer engagement capabilities by ‘hollowing out customer engagement functions’ and managing it as a horizontal cross-enterprise layer.

Capitalize on product innovation capabilities, customer data management, partner ecosystem, revenue management, pricing and more. Seamlessly transition from a product-focused to an agile, customer-first organization.

Insurance companies can quickly transition from a product-based to a customer-focused organization. Our products allow insurance companies to accelerate digital transformation without replacing the legacy core. You can enhance the robustness of your digital core, add more functionality, offer customized products, manage complex deals, plug revenue leakage and elevate the customer experience.

Telecom operators typically make huge investments in digitizing the OSS infrastructure and embracing digital transformation. However, an ‘intelligence layer’ is crucial to enable telcos to monetize end user services and provide innovative products and offers that are personalized to your customers’ specific needs.

Our products enable telecom companies to quickly manage product launches, product changes and reduce the time to market. Gain the much-needed agility and scalability that are critical for the success of every customer-centric transformation journey.

Travel Management Companies (TMCs) require a competitive edge. With a next-gen revenue management product, you can build new capabilities into your existing infrastructure to transform, optimize and grow your business. Our product enables TMCs in implementing and monetizing all service offerings through a single platform.