Build relationships, enhance efficiency, and ensure compliance

SunTec solutions are context driven based on the requirements of our customers. These could be driven by region, regulation environment, customer demand or other such factors. Delivered on-premise, on private cloud and as SaaS, our solutions are designed to fulfil every customer need.

Our Solutions

Our Personalization Solutions, powered by our flagship platform Xelerate, empower organizations to dynamically tailor their offerings based on the customer journey and overall relationship, to solve each customer’s unique needs.
Our Product Rationalization Solution on our proprietary platform Xelerate, enables banks to rationalize their product and service offerings using a centralized product catalog, while balancing agility and stability. It facilitates development of highly differentiated offerings based on context and without adding new products.
Our GCC VAT Solution, deployed on our flagship platform Xelerate, enables financial services organizations and banks to smoothly comply with VAT regulations. Pre-packaged with over 200 features, our out-of-the box VAT solution has been designed to react seamlessly to changes in VAT law, policies, and practices.
Our Negative Interest Management Solution, powered by our flagship platform Xelerate, enables banks and financial services institutions to design, implement and manage negative interest programs at scale. Given the rule-based and flexible nature of the solution, negative interest programs can be rolled out in a customer centric manner.

Access our e-Book to get started with e-invoicing. In this eBook, we provide guidance to financial institutions in the KSA about the nuances of e-invoicing, how to ensure a smooth integration of VAT and e-invoicing systems, and considerations for deploying a robust e-invoicing solution with the right partner to get you ready in time.

To charge or not to charge is the question that looms large over most commercial banking executives. Given that customers today expect hyper-personalized services, transparency, and high-speed on-demand services, billing automation becomes crucial to ensure customer satisfaction, profitability, and stability.

Obsolescence and the urgent requirement for an invoicing system that offers seamless and contemporary billing is staring in the face of Swedish Banks. Relying on a software system that was developed by a consortium of banks, several years back, to process payments and generate invoices, is now in need of potential change to meet future requirements.

Customers today expect higher levels of empathy and to be understood better based on what they seek in terms of their goals, lifestyles, likes, and preferences. You need a solution that offers you the right insights to get to know your customers better and offer products that are relevant to them.

Alibaba and Amazon use the same horizontal approach in the B2B space, where curated ecosystems from different organizations, with different offerings, meet multiple client needs and offer them more than a channel to sell their products.