SunTec’s Strategic Response to COVID-19


Build relationships, enhance efficiency, and ensure compliance
SunTec solutions are context driven based on the requirements of our customers. These could be driven by region, regulation environment, customer demand or other such factors. Delivered on-premise, on private cloud and as SaaS, our solutions are designed to fulfil every customer need.

Our Solutions

Our Personalization Solutions, powered by our flagship platform Xelerate, empower organizations to dynamically tailor their offerings based on the customer journey and overall relationship, to solve each customer’s unique needs.
Our Product Rationalization Solution on our proprietary platform Xelerate, enables banks to rationalize their product and service offerings using a centralized product catalog, while balancing agility and stability. It facilitates development of highly differentiated offerings based on context and without adding new products.
Our GCC VAT Solution, deployed on our flagship platform Xelerate, enables financial services organizations and banks to smoothly comply with VAT regulations. Pre-packaged with over 200 features, our out-of-the box VAT solution has been designed to react seamlessly to changes in VAT law, policies, and practices.
Our Negative Interest Management Solution, powered by our flagship platform Xelerate, enables banks and financial services institutions to design, implement and manage negative interest programs at scale. Given the rule-based and flexible nature of the solution, negative interest programs can be rolled out in a customer centric manner.

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