Embrace a data driven strategy and add new streams of revenue using SunTec Xelerate’s powerful intelligence layer. Enhance your customer experience management capabilities with the right level of process automation, analytics and product innovation.

In Search of Operational Efficiency and New Business Models

The telecom industry is undergoing a phenomenal change, moving from an otherwise static industry to one where products and services are changing dynamically. Legacy revenue streams are declining, and the share of wallet is being challenged by competitive telecom companies and technology vendors. Operators are forced to rethink their customer acquisition and retention strategies – this demands a big change in the thinking and an even bigger change in business operations.

Telecom companies need to create innovative products that are centered around customer demands as opposed to simply pushing the product in the market. In addition, they are under constant pressure to match the user experience provided by companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google. The focus has discretely shifted from quality of service to quality of experience.

The telecommunication sector, like other industries, is currently caught up in a paradigm shift to digital transformation, which is compelling them to consider new avenues and opportunities to maintain footfalls. Changes in telecommunication markets are driven by rapidly advancing technologies and customer demand for increasingly sophisticated services. Customers today want to freely choose services and then negotiate the terms of those services. To meet this demand a highly flexible product and service bundling capability and a support for complex pricing models is essential.

The Challenges

Digital Aspirations, Analogue Mindset

Legacy Infrastructure Lacks Agility and Scalability

Traditional Product-centric Approach

Poor Ecosystem Relationships

Inability to Leverage Customer Data and Analytics

Poor Process Automation

Increased Complexity of Operations

Explosion of Data and the Reality of IoT

Suntec xelerate

How SunTec Simplifies Your Transformation Journey?

  • Monetize end-user services: Deploy an ‘intelligence layer’ to roll out innovative products and offers that are personalized to your customer needs.
  • Reduce time to market: Quickly launch products and manage product changes with agility and scalability.

SunTec Offerings

See how we combine components of SunTec Xelerate to create specific solutions for digital transformation, revenue management, customer experience orchestration and partner ecosystem management.

Enterprise Product Management

Comprehensive enterprise catalog management along with full product life cycle management across multiple business lines.

Service Provisioning and Activation

Configurable system that simplifies the service activation to complex network elements and rule-driven activation flow.

Real-time Event Collection and Mediation

Real-time event collections from network elements and event generators like IMS, IPDR and back office systems.
SunTec Xelerate facilitates converged bills for customers with charges from multiple services of different lines of businesses.

Relationship-based Pricing and Value Management

Enhance customer relationships, share of wallet and operational efficiency through differential and automated pricing.

Automated Revenue Value Chain Management

Track your customers’ lifetime journey, get a complete view of the relationship and make highly personalized offers.

Partner Management and Monetization

Complete solution for partner management – right from partner onboarding, contract negotiation, setup of contracted revenue share models and actual revenue share computations and settlement.

OTT Billing

OTT billing with flexible pricing models to support innovative monetization strategies. Data analytics support for churn management, camping management and optimization of monetization strategies.

150+ leading organizations across 45+ countries use SunTec’s Xelerate to deliver value.

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