Enterprise Product Management

Establish customer choice at the heart of your enterprise and enable right selling through the
creation of an enterprise master catalog for all products and services.


Why Xelerate?

Xelerate Enterprise Product Management enables a single source of truth for all products and services. Combined with an end-to-end life cycle management view, this master catalog enables managing of personalized products, including both internal and external partner products. It helps prevent wrong selling through enhanced controls and enables product convergence. It gives the flexibility to define any product or service across all lines of business. Xelerate further provides comprehensive traceability across the product life cycle and improves time and cost to market significantly.


Agile and Flexible

Agile and configurable product creation through an extremely business-friendly framework


Contextual, customer choice driven, and relationship-based selling of products and services enabled by rules

Single Source of Truth

Create a centralized, enterprise master for products and services across all lines of businesses

Business Centric

Use prebuilt product templates in system or define your own templates with ease


Rich set of configurable rules to fine tune product’s business behaviour based on context

Extendable Product Set

Holistic capability managing internal products as well as external partner products

Complete Life Cycle Management

Monitor and track progress of the products through its different life stages from ideation to expiry

Easy to Integrate

Well documented APIs allows for easy integration with other systems

"Create a single source of truth for all products, services, bundles and offers."

Xelerate Enterprise Product Management enables creation of a central repository of both internal as well as third party products and services. This is combined with complete life cycle management from ideation till expiry, including version management. The layered structure of the enterprise catalog establishes an enterprise wide, hierarchical capability which allows central management, control and tracking of all market facing products.
An insight-driven product life cycle management facilitates the ideation and launch of the right products, monitors and tracks performance of existing products and drives product reviews, renewals and expiry. Extensive controls coupled with criteria, prevent mis-selling and enable the right choice for each customer. An intuitive, easy-to-use framework with extensive configuration enables rapid time to market and easy maintenance.  The extensive set of well documented APIs enable easy integration with the existing ecosystem of the organization.


Reduce time to market through a configurable, template driven framework
Create competitive differentiation by quick launch of differentiated offers to dynamic sub-segments

Standardize the products and services being offered in the market through a centralized

Personalize and contextualize the products to each customer based on context and the choice of the customer

Enhance choice to customers by mastering partner products and services in the catalog

Improve quality of revenue through insight-driven life cycle management of products

Prevent product proliferation through a rule-based framework that drive contextual behaviour of products
Prevent revenue leakage by the establishment of a single source of truth for all parts of the process, from selling to billing
Enable regulatory compliance with traceability and end-to-end audit logs for every action

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