SunTec Xelerate: Helping Banks Adopt Customer-Centric Product Strategies

In collaboration with Celent

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Creating hyper-personalized experiences involves redefining how banking products/services are consumed, moving from static components to dynamically priced bundles that maximize personalization and self-service. Customers are looking for more personalization embedded in the experience, more customer-centric proactivity from large financial institutions, and relevant offers to meet ever-changing needs. Traditional products largely remain stagnant, with few changes to how they’ve been managed, priced, or sold.

SunTec Xelerate provides capabilities to allow banks to create highly personalized offers and more dynamic product sets. SunTec Xelerate is a platform that is layered on top of existing bank technology to allow for more enhanced product management, enterprise pricing, product revenue management, and ecosystem management. Discover how this “digital innovation layer” can augment core capabilities to better manage products/offers that are brought to market.


“Banks face significant challenges at the core of their business. Our platform has moved from its pricing and billing roots to value management of the customer lifecycle.”

Madhur Jain, Executive Vice President, Global Head – SaaS & Solution Consulting, SunTec Business Solutions


A look into Celent’s perspective on SunTec Xelerate:

  • Hyper-personalization with SunTec Xelerate goes beyond typical bank-driven processes and incorporates customer self-service into how offers are priced or how products are bundled.
  • It establishes a single source of truth by taking control of the entire value chain and bridges the gap between sales and operations.
  • SunTec Xelerate facilitates banks to move their key functionalities from their core in a modular fashion.

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