Enterprise Billing and Statements Management

Increase customer trust and transparency through accurate billing and prevent revenue leakage.
Build an enterprise capability for multi-product, multi-entity and hierarchical invoicing for all


Why Xelerate?

SunTec’s Enterprise Billing and Pricing Management on Xelerate platform provides extremely rich billing and invoicing capabilities. It helps in automating the end- to-end billing process including pricing, consolidation, pre-billing steps, invoicing and post billing activities including settlement, dispute management and arrears management. Consolidation of different products and services, different entities and geographies into a single invoice for the end customer as well as convergence of multiple billing systems into a single billing system for operational excellence can be easily achieved with out-of-the-box capabilities in a very short time. Multi-currency and multi-language capabilities further makes the enterprise billing and pricing management a truly global system.

Features of SunTec’s Enterprise Billing & Pricing Management

Scheduled and On-demand Invoicing

Highly flexibly on-demand invoice generation/ scheduled invoicing functionalities

Complex Grouping and Scheduling

Multiple billing groups and multiple invoice schedules can be set up very easily across different geographies

Integrated Relationship-based Consolidation

Reorganize client relationship views based on billing needs of the client

Flexible Billing Hierarchy Management

Agile, multi-level management of the complex client hierarchies for billing and statementing

End-to-end Traceability

Provides traceability from invoice to the transaction through very intuitive enquiry screens

Flag Revenue Leakage Points

Intelligent analytical detection of potential revenue leakages and billing errors

External Third Party Integrations

Extremely easy for integration with pricing and rating engines as well as payment and collection systems (both Xelerate and external)

"A centralized billing functionality that streamlines processes across multiple LoBs and service lines."

With multiple LoBs and service lines, it is difficult to get one single view of the customer especially when a consolidated view is required to check leakages and improve revenues. Xelerate helps in providing a consolidated statement from across multiple business lines. The billing feature also enables a detailed drill down facility and offers seamless support for invoice reversal, correction and re-execution in case of any disputes. Bills can be generated at account, customer (group and entity) and product levels based on the need.


Reduce revenue leakage through consolidated, automated, condition-driven and converged billing
Improved customer satisfaction with consolidated invoices with personalization of grouping of fees and charges
Improve operational efficiency through simple and automated billing operations

Improve customer transparency through granular level information from multiple channels

Mitigate revenue risk through automation and rule-based control across the process
Reduce cost and time for dispute management through insights and granular data for each customer relationship

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