SunTec Solutions for Travel

Improving Revenue Management and Share of Wallet

Capitalize on the benefits of Xelerate’s next-generation revenue management system. Build on top of your existing infrastructure, take your business to the next level and create multiple monetization opportunities on a single platform.

Travel Management Companies Are Struggling to Differentiate

Demand for Corporate travel is growing but the competition is getting equally fierce. Barriers to entry are almost non-existent resulting in intense competition between suppliers and players. This directly impacts pricing and transaction fees creating consistent pressure on margins.

The sector continues to witness disruption across, forcing many established players to look at technology as a differentiator to connect better with the customer and stay ahead of its competitors. But it is not an easy decision, as most players that have been in the industry for a while have accumulated multiple legacy systems that are not integrated. More importantly, these systems do not have the agility and/or flexibility required for the next level of customer centric digital transformation that the Travel Management Companies (TMCs) need so badly today. A complete overhaul of the revenue management system is the need of the hour for the TMCs.

The Challenges

Declining Margins

Increased Operational Overheads

Missing Travel Ecosystem

Slow Time to Market

Manual Processes

Discrete Systems Across Different Countries

How Can SunTec Help Unlock Value?

SunTec’s next-generation revenue management system provides Travel Management Companies (TMCs) with the competitive edge, while working with their legacy systems. With Xelerate, TMCs can build new capabilities into their existing infrastructure to transform, optimize and grow their business. Xelerate enables TMCs in implementing and monetizing all its service offerings through a single platform.

SunTec Offerings

Create Win-win Deals with Deal Management Features

In complex business scenarios, where the deals involve multiple parameters, creating the right deal which stands out as a win-win for both you and the client is extremely important.

Manage Contracts, Calculate Fees, Expense and Revenue Shares

Handle customer contracts with ease and quickly launch innovative pricing models.
Move towards commitment-based revenue sharing.

Automate Your Client Billing; Make it Faster and Error-free

Create invoice grouping based on customer preferences and support for bulk invoice generation and pattern-based selective invoice review to ensure quick revenue realization.

Global Platform Across Markets

Support complex market requirements and provide a single global platform for pricing and billing needs across markets.

Personalized Dashboards Powered by Analytics

Create customer persona-based dashboard and analytics that provides detailed insights on client usage patterns.

Relationship-Based Pricing and Value Management

Analyze customer data in real time and provide them with context-specific offers at the right time and location.

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