Benefits and Loyalty Management

Improve your share of wallet – engage with your customers across product lines with targeted and differentiated loyalty programs. Manage customer relationships holistically to enhance loyalty, improve product depth and reduce attrition.


Why Xelerate?

SunTec’s cloud-based Loyalty Management on Xelerate platform enables organizations to understand and evaluate each relationship regardless of the complexity of client and account hierarchies, ensuring faster time to market with quick launch of effective loyalty campaigns. It increases the impact of loyalty programs, retaining valued customers, attracting new customers through cross-sell and driving holistic customer-centric programs to facilitate end-to-end customer engagement.

SunTec’s Loyalty Management on the cloud further provides flexibility to define rewards in multiple ways and accumulate through multiple avenues. It helps to reduce cost overruns through pre-campaign cost-benefit analysis and plugs revenue leakage by real-time tracking of the program.

Features of SunTec’s Loyalty Management

Rewards Management

Rule-driven rewards computation, expiry management and ability for manual adjustments based on credits/ debits/ batch and upload mode

Campaign Management

Plan enrollment and ability to set up base plan, campaigns, new plan creations/ updates, usage-based rewards, merchant-based rewards, one time and recurring benefits

Redemption Management

UI-based redemption, web service based (online/ POS) redemption, redemption reversal, burn ratio configuration

Merchant-based Rewarding

Set up redemption rules, multiplier earnings and varying reward cap based on merchants

Personalized Products and Services

Define product/ service variations based on reward strategies, multi-product/ service plans

Detailed Analytics and Reporting

Consolidated statements and report generation, current rewards, opening/closing balance, earning history

"Bring agility to your customer retention strategies."

In this age of rapidly changing customer preferences, customer experience drives loyalty and in organizations where customer lifetime value is absolutely critical, loyalty is everything. With Xelerate Benefits and Loyalty Management, organizations can establish a view of the customer by looking holistically across multiple dimensions such as customer relationship value, relationship tenure and product ownership and usage, providing the ability to predict customer loyalty and churn behaviours. It allows you to consider the end-to-end customer relationship while creating a loyalty plan, right from plan definition, computation to redemption as well as choosing multiple reward types personalized to the needs of every customer. This enables your organization to implement an agile and effective customer retention strategy across various lines of business and complex account hierarchies, eventually creating a superior experience and a larger customer wallet share.


Reduce customer attrition through personalized and relationship-driven loyalty programs

Reduce time to market of new loyalty programs through a configurable and easy-to-use application

Improve client experience with easy access to data across channels
Integrate relationships across products and group entities through centralized loyalty management
Increase customer choice through an ecosystem of partners
Improve partner experience through seamless integration and insight-driven decisioning
Enhance partner loyalty through partner loyalty programs
Plug revenue leakage by real-time tracking of your loyalty program

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