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Creating Exponential Banking

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation journey as banks are increasingly shifting their focus on customer experience. In this podcast, Likhit Wagle, General Manager, Global Banking Industry at IBM talks about the key areas that banks must focus on during this transformation journey, and Siew Choo Soh, Managing Director and Group Head of Big Data/AI and Consumer Banking Technology at DBS Bank, talks about Exponential Banking and what it entails.

Duration: 07:27 minutes

Enhancing the Customer Journey through Customer-Centric Banking

Customer expectations were changing dramatically even before the pandemic, with customers demanding personalized experiences. While banks were already embarking on technology transformation programs to retain and grow customers, the pandemic has accelerated this phenomenon. In this podcast, Puneet Kapoor, President – Products, Alternate Channels and Customer Experience Delivery at Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited, talks about the need for banks to reimagine the way they engage with customers.

Duration: 13:20 minutes

Banking Ecosystem and Its Monetization Opportunities in The APAC

The banking landscape is undergoing an intense transformation, powered by emerging digital technologies. To be in the forefront of these changes, banks must embrace ecosystem business models to drive growth and generate value. In this podcast, host, Peter Donovan Yorke, SVP & Head of Marketing, SunTec interacts with Arun Kini, VP & Regional Head – APAC, SunTec, as he shares his views on the banking ecosystem landscape in the APAC region.

Duration: 06:26 minutes

Digital Transformation and Rise of the API Economy

For banks, everything revolves around customer expectations. Services have changed dramatically over the years as customers demand the same experience that they areused to receiving from BigTechs. Competition is further compounded with FinTech firms offering cost-effective and innovative solutions. The pandemic further forced banks to reimagine their digital transformation strategy. In this podcast, Amit Dua, President & Global Head – Client Facing Groups, SunTec talks about the API economy and acceleration of digital transformation in banks.

Duration: 16:18 minutes

Ecosystem for Innovation and Value Creation

As tech-savvy organizations are increasingly becoming part of the customer experience cycle, traditional banks will need to think platformification and become curators of customer experience. Forward-thinking banks that will soon collaborate with Fintechs will gain a long-term competitive advantage. Listen as Amit Dua, President and Global Head – Client Facing Groups, SunTec, Jo Jagadish, Head of Corporate Products, Services & Innovation, TD, Gordon Little, CEO, FNB Commercial Banking, and Enrico Camerinelli, Senior Analyst, Aite Group, share their thoughts on ecosystem for innovation and value creation.

Duration: 9:42 minutes

Is the SaaS Model a Game-changer That Will Soon Transform the Banking Industry?

As banks progress towards digitization, SaaS will be an enabler to help effectively manage operations, scale business growth and optimize costs.  In this podcast, host, Peter Donovan Yorke, SVP & Head of Marketing, SunTec talks to Sudheer Padiyar, SVP & Head of SaaS Business, SunTec, on how the SaaS model will power digital transformation in banks.

Duration: 9:12 minutes

The Need for Hyper-Personalization in the New World

New age competition have led customers to expect a highly personalized omnichannel experience. For banks and financial service companies, hyper-personalization represents a window of opportunity to stay ahead of the curve, delivering true value to customers. Listen to insights from Madhur Jain, SVP & Global Head, Solution Consulting, SunTec, Puneet Kapoor, President – Products, Alternate Channels, and Customer Experience Delivery, Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited, Debashis Kar, Director of Pricing and Billing, HSBC, and Gayathri Parthasarathy, Vice President & Senior Partner, Asia Pacific Banking Leader, IBM Services at IBM.

Duration: 17:40 minutes

The Impact of e-Invoicing on Banking in KSA

In this podcast, our host Peter Donovan Yorke, SVP & Head of Marketing, SunTec, and speaker Sudheer Padiyar, SVP & Regional Head – EMEA at SunTec, discuss about the latest e-Invoicing mandate in KSA, its impact on the banking sector and key considerations that banks must make while adopting an e-Invoicing Solution. Listen now!

Duration: 7:42 minutes

Reimagining Banking with Customer Experience Transformation

Banks may have begun their digital transformation journeys in order to reduce costs or improve productivity. But today, it’s all about elevating the customer experience (CX). In this podcast, we bring you some key insights – from how traditional banks can re-envision their customer experiences to DBS’ incredible digital journey and how you can create a cognitive bank. Listen to Sathish Chandran, SunTec, James Fowle, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Soneel Raj, Cognizant, Steven Reiter, EY, Likhit Wagle, IBM, and Siew Choo Soh, DBS Bank.

Duration: 14:25 minutes

Offering the Best Deals, Personalized to Each Bank Customer

Sudheer Padiyar, SVP-Sales, SunTec interacts with Rohit Garg, Head of Business Banking and NeoBiz, Mashreq and Clinton Abbott, Director for Banking and Innovation, Arise, on how banks can retain customers and enhance their revenue. Listen now!

Duration: 21:09 minutes

Understanding Changing Customer Expectations in Banking

Listen to Clinton Abbott, Director for Banking and Innovation, Arise, talk about understanding changing customer expectations and building a 360-degree strategy to engage with customers.

Duration: 17:06 minutes

How Banks Can Engage Customers Through Loyalty Programs

Rohit Garg, Head of Business Banking and NeoBiz, Mashreq, shares the importance of loyalty programs and how banks can meet growing customer expectations. Listen here!

Duration: 15:37 minutes

Don’t Just Talk Customer Centricity. Walk It!

In this podcast, our host Aswathi Nandakumar, Senior Manager – Marketing at SunTec and speaker Madhur Jain, SVP & Global Head – Solution Consulting at SunTec, explore the topic of customer centricity, its relevance in the post pandemic world, and how organizations can leverage technology for customer-centric thinking. Listen to unique insights from our experts!

Duration: 15:26 minutes

How Banks Can Build Customer Trust and Enhance Transparency?

Listen to Debashis Kar, Director – Pricing and Billing for HSBC, talk about why building trust is essential to retain customers in this new normal.

Duration: 10:40 minutes

How Digital Transformation Can Shape Customer Centricity

Dr. Thomas L. Hager, VP – Banking & Financial Markets Europe – IBM, shares his thoughts on how financial institutions can leverage digitization and automation to become truly customer-centric.

Duration: 10:00 minutes

Reinforcing Trust and Fairness by Leveraging Technology

Listen to Madhur Jain from SunTec Business Solutions interact with Debashis Kar, Director – Pricing and Billing, HSBC and Dr. Thomas L. Hager, VP – Banking & Financial Markets Europe, IBM, on using technology to build customer trust and ensure customer retention in the new normal.

Duration: 20:57 minutes

Building a Resilient Retail Banking Distribution Strategy

Hear from Madhur Jain, SVP – Solution Consulting at SunTec Business Solutions, on the pandemic’s impact on customer preferences in banking and the importance of holistic customer experience in driving growth.

Duration: 11:37 minutes

Negative Interest Rate Explained​

Listen to Madhur Jain, SVP – Solution Consulting at SunTec, on what is negative interest rate policy, its objective and how banks can implement this policy with ease.

Duration: 2:18 minutes

Importance of Skilling & Reskilling

Listen to Prakash P Nair, VP & Head – Human Resources at SunTec share his insights on the importance of skilling and reskilling in the present scenario and what SunTec is doing differently.

Duration: 9:34 minutes

Three Keys to Building Memorable Banking Experiences Part 1

Listen to Jim Marous, Co-Publisher, The Financial Brand, Stephen Schroth, KeyBank, Derik Farrar, Truist, Peter Eliopoulos, Helios Group Advisors, Amit Dua, SunTec and Wei Ke, Simon Kucher & Partners as they delve into the Three Keys to Building Memorable Banking Experiences.

Duration: 21:01 minutes

Three Keys to Building Memorable Banking Experiences Part 2

Hear from Jim Marous, Co-Publisher, The Financial Brand; Stephen Schroth, KeyBank; Derik Farrar, Truist; Peter Eliopoulos, Helios Group Advisors; Amit Dua, SunTec and Wei Ke, Simon Kucher & Partners as they discuss the impact tech firms like Google could have on Banking as an Experience.

Duration: 9:28 minutes

Three Keys to Building Memorable Banking Experiences Part 3

Banks are increasingly looking to improve the customer’s experience in the future. Our experts Jim Marous, Co-Publisher, The Financial Brand; Stephen Schroth, KeyBank; Derik Farrar, Truist; Peter Eliopoulos, Helios Group Advisors; Amit Dua, SunTec and Wei Ke, Simon Kucher & Partners share the biggest challenge that banks must address and some key priorities for them.

Duration: 14:47 minutes

What is Business Agility and How Do Organizations Achieve Their Full Potential

Dr. Srini Srinivasan, Regional Managing Director (South Asia), PMI, shares insights into business agility and the 5 key points for businesses to achieve its full potential.

Duration: 12:11 minutes

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