Ecosystem Management and Monetization

Embrace the open economy – adopt new business models and increase revenue sources. Become a true value aggregator through collaboration and co-innovation.

Why Xelerate?

Xelerate enables organizations to embrace the Open economy and use it to their advantage. It helps organizations transform from a mere utility provider to a true value aggregator. Organizations can expand their products and services offering by collaborating with external partner ecosystems, providing innovative solutions, adopting new business models and maximizing revenue by delivering true value to its customers.

Xelerate achieves this through end-to-end management, monitoring, and monetization capabilities across the partner and the customer value chain. The solution is pre-packaged with powerful features that help organizations to leverage the true potential of the open economy.


End-to-end Partner Management

API based end-to-end partner life cycle management from on-boarding to financial settlement

Multi-business Models Support

Support for organizations in different roles – as producers, distributors, co-innovators, aggregators, etc.

Holistic Product Catalog

Manage third party products and services as part of the centralized, holistic catalog

Automated Revenue Settlement

Automated and controlled computation and settlement of revenue share across the value chain

Experience Design Capabilities

Visualize the entire customer buying experience. Enable product managers to create innovative offers using products from a partner ecosystem

Monitoring Capabilities

Track and analyse pattern, volume and frequency of usage. Real-time insights on revenue, cost and profitability across the partner ecosystem

"Extend your enterprise and drive customer-centricity with comprehensive partner management capabilities."

A successful organization is one that creates a conducive ecosystem for various players to co-create solutions, thereby allowing a greater and wider reach and becoming truly customer centric. But with the networks getting more complex, partner management with associated revenue management and settlement becomes crucial.

Xelerate provides the flexibility to form partnerships in the Open economy. The end-to-end partner management capabilities take care of partner price tariff and contract management, with revenue sharing computation and settlement.


Build a partner ecosystem to offer complementary products to customers and own the customer value chain

Co-innovate for customer-centric offers ensuring customer retention and growth

Add new business models for additional sources of revenue

Manage external products within your enterprise product catalog

Leverage insights to cross-sell innovative offers to customers
Monetize APIs which are accessed by third party partners
Customized plans for API monetization based on partner profiling

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