Build Robust, Responsive, Resilient Ecosystems, and Let Technology Experts Build the Enabling Platforms

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In an increasingly digital world, businesses are looking to grow through ecosystem-based strategies. Typically, ecosystems are made up of co-participants drawn from different industries that provide a portfolio of products and services on a common customer interaction platform. The idea behind such collaborative models is simple: while no business by itself can address all the needs of its customers, an agglomeration of businesses is much better-positioned to do so – especially in a digitally disintermediated world.

Although many banks seek to embrace ecosystems, their journeys are often impeded by the constraints imposed by their own internal technology landscapes. Enabling ecosystem partners to connect to such a complex technology can be cumbersome.

In this eBook, discover:

  • Why ecosystem-driven models are becoming popular
  • The building blocks of creating successful ecosystems
  • The benefits of integrating with proven technology platforms to reduce time-to-value for ecosystem orchestrators and other participants

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