Dynamic Offer Management

Grow and enrich your customer relationships by quickly launching highly personalized, contextual offers.

Why Xelerate?

SunTec’s Dynamic Offer Management on Xelerate platform is a digital innovation middle layer that can easily integrate with the bank’s existing technology landscape and provide a highly configurable offer management capability that enables customer choice, enhances customer relationships, reduces time and cost to market and propels growth through up-sell and cross-sell capabilities.

Features of SunTec’s Dynamic Offer Management


Creation and provision of the right offers to each customer based on their choice and need


Product, Bundle, Service and Benefit Offers for individual customers, accounts and dynamic sub segments


Exhaustive and rule-driven qualification and eligibility criteria drive personalized and contextual application of offers

Life Cycle Management

Quick offer roll-out and offer switching and periodic review and expiry management ensure the right portfolio of offers

Highly Flexible and Configurable

Easy creation and management of offers with intuitive UX for different personas


Insight and rule-driven automation of the entire process

"Enable customer centricity with the right solution to each customer’s context and need."

Xelerate provides a comprehensive offer orchestration solution that covers all phases of the offer development lifecycle, from offer ideation via real-time customer transaction tracking, through the intermediate stages of offer simulation and testing, and finally to offer fulfilment and tracking in real time.
With real-time analysis of customer behaviour, innovative offers can be rapidly developed and launched into the market to enhance customer engagement and increase customer lifetime value, so leading to increased profitability and reduced revenue leakage.


Drive customer choice by offering contextual solutions
Reduce time and cost to market of specific offers and campaigns
Drive overall relationship value through cross bundle offers and benefits
Improve quality of revenue through automated management of offers including enrolment/de-enrolment
Improve offer quality and breadth by co-innovating with third party partners
Empower front end staff to service customers through specific and personalized offers

Reduce operational and revenue risk through end-to-end automation

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